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Jesus Heals the Stooped Woman

Jesus Heals the Stooped Woman  - James Tissot  (painted 1886-1896)

There was a disabled woman who for eighteen years had been stooped over. She could not stand up straight and walk as other people walked. Her body was always bent over and she could not straighten up.

Jesus saw her and called her over to him. He said, "Woman, you are set free from your sickness." He put his hands on her and she stood up straight! She began to praise God for her healing.

It happened to be the Sabbath day. Jesus frequently healed people on the Sabbath to show the Jewish leaders he had the power to do so. He was the Lord of the Sabbath. When the leader of the synagogue saw it, he was upset.

He angrily told the people, "There are six days in which work is permitted. Come and be healed on those days. Don't come on the Sabbath day!"

Now it was Jesus' turn to be angry. He said to the rulers of the synagogue, "You hypocrites! On the Sabbath day you bring your ox or donkey from its stall to lead it to get a drink of water. Here is this woman who has been bound by Satan for eighteen years. Shouldn't she be able to be set free on the Sabbath day?"

When they heard this they were ashamed of how they had acted. All those in the crowd rejoiced in the wonderful things Jesus was doing.

This is the twenty-eighth recorded miracle of Jesus.

Luke 13:11-17

Zip Code 00-13-0

Memory Hook

A woman with a bent lower back serves in the nursery every time the doors are open. She does it joyfully without complaining. She arranges the 13 small chairs where the toddlers will sit. Let's count the chairs. (children count to 13 as they point to imaginary chairs). Each child has to be picked up and carefully placed in a little chair. No wonder she has back trouble!

back+13 = Luke 13


This zip code means the account is found in the 13th chapter of Luke (13). It is not found in Matthew or Mark (00), nor in John (0).

(Remember this hook)
  • Head = Matthew
  • Arms = Mark
  • Waist = Luke
  • Feet = John


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