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The Demoniac Healed

Exorcism at Capernaum

It was the Sabbath day and Jesus was in the town of Capernaum. He went into the synagogue and taught. He taught with such power the people were amazed. They had never heard anyone speak with such authority!

In the synagogue there was a man who had an unclean spirit, a devil living in his body. This unclean spirit recognized Jesus for who he was and cried out, "Leave us alone, Jesus of Nazareth! Have you come to destroy us? We know who you are, you are the Holy One of God."

Jesus told the spirit to be quiet and come out of the man. It obeyed him and left the man's body without doing him harm. Sometimes the evil spirits harmed the people they were inhabiting.

The people who saw it happen were amazed. Jesus had so much authority even spirits obeyed him! News of his power began to spread as people throughout the countryside of Galilee were talking about the amazing miracles he was performing.

This is the fourth recorded miracle of Jesus. This is the beginning of Year Two of Jesus' ministry, The Great Galilean Ministry.

Mark 1:21-28

Luke 4:31-37

Zip Code 0140

Memory Hook

We are sitting at our 4-legged table for breakfast. A very hungry, seedy-looking ragged-looking man shows up and asks for food. We agree to feed him, but to our surprise he doesn't sit on a chair, but vaults up in the middle of the table and begins to hog down everything in sight!

He grabs 1 big red juicy tomato and stuffs it into his shirt pocket. When he grabs the 4 poptarts off our plates he accidently squishes the 1 tomato in his shirt pocket and red juice runs all over the tablecloth. But he doesn't care - his shirt was dirty anyway! He begins munching on the 4 poptarts.

Suddenly he is out the door and gone! We see him stuffing the 4 poptarts in his back pocket on his way out!

shirt pocket+1 = Mark 1
back pocket+4 = Luke 4


This zip code means the account is not found in Matthew (0), but is found in the 1st chapter of Mark (1). It is found in the 4th chapter of Luke (4), but is not found in John (0)

(Remember this hook)
  • Head = Matthew
  • Arms = Mark
  • Waist = Luke
  • Feet = John


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