Introduction to the Gospel Train and Gospel Zip Codes

by Johnie Luker

The Life of Christ "Gospel Train" and "Gospel Zip Codes" are Memory Hooks.

"Memory Hooks" are quick-recall memory devices to remember bits of information.

Since Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are not arranged chronologically, this little memory device is to help you learn and recall at command each of the 250 events in the life of Christ... chronologically! You will learn to find it in all four gospels!

The basic points have been condensed into 15 periods or bits of information. As you will see, each of these periods, with the exception of *1,2,and 14, 15 are four month periods. (* The Pre-Existence, First 30 years, Last Week, and Post Resurrection, of course, are longer or shorter periods of time.)

The "Gospel Zip Codes" are chapters in each of the four Gospels where this information can be found. For instance: The zip code for the Pre-Existence of Christ is 0001. That is: Matthew has nothing, Mark has nothing, Luke has nothing, but John chapter 1 has this information. ("In the beginning was the word." John 1:1)

The 15 Key Words are representative words to recall 3 or 4 events during that period. The 15 Gospel zip codes are the chapters where the events occur in all four Gospels. Notice how easily and simply these 15 key words fall into place when properly seen on the Gospel Train. The Key Words are:

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ may be divided into three major parts:
  • The year of individual lessons, the first year of teaching
  • The year of group lessons, the year of his popularity
  • The year of opposition, year three finally leading to His death.
Let's draw a picture of the train. This will take some practice, so let's begin by drawing the train several times:
  • 1. Draw a rectangle about the size of your Bible.
  • 2. Draw two vertical lines within the rectangle.
  • 3. Draw two horizontal lines also.
  • 4. This is the basic outline - 9 squares showing.
  • 5. The top three are Spring/Summer/Fall of the first year
  • 6. The middle three are the second year of His ministry.
  • 7. The bottom three are the third year of His ministry.
  • 8. Add the smokestack and engineer's cab
  • 9. Add the cowcatcher and two wheels
  • 10. Draw a rectangle between the cowcatcher and the wheels.

Practice writing the Key Words in the boxes while saying the key word sentence,

"Peter's three silly cats found wild bears moving slowly
to find frogs, tadpoles, long worms, and pink red salmon."

Peter's (PE) three (Thirty Years) silly (SEE) cats (CC) found (FFNJJ)
wild (WELL) bears (BLDG) moving (MAN)slowly (SEA)to (212)
find (FOOD) frogs (FEAST), tadpoles (TRAVEL),
long worms (LAST WK), and pink red salmon (PR).

The easiest way to learn this material is to TEACH IT. Begin with your family, your Bible class, your friends, and neighbors!

As you teach, teach 5 easy E's. Teach
  • Enthusiastically
  • Excellently
  • Eloquently
  • Extravagantly
  • Expectantly
God will surely bless you!

Apply these Five E's to your life and
  • Serve God Enthusiastically
  • Serve God Excellently
  • Serve God Eloquently
  • Serve God Extravagantly
  • Serve God Expectantly

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