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1. What is the name of our patriotic program? ( America: A Star-Spangled Production)
2. What is the name of Part One? (America in the Making)
3. Paul Revere rode his horse from a certain town to another town. What were the towns? (Boston, Lexington)
4. When did George and Martha Washington live? (in the 1700’s)
5. How many original colonies were there? (13)
6. In alphabetical order which state comes after Indiana? (Iowa. They learn the states in alphabetical order by learning the song "The United States" )
7. Which state comes after Texas? (Utah)
8. Name 3 things Uncle Sam stands for. (hard work, honesty, loyalty)
9. What is our form of government? (a democracy)
10. What is a democracy? (a government in which the people hold the ruling power through elected representatives)
11. Which state comes after Colorado? (Connecticut)
12. Where is our national capitol? (Washington D.C.)
13. What does D.C. stand for? (District of Columbia)
14. What is the motto of our country? (In God We Trust)
15. Which state comes after Idaho? (Illinois)
16. Which state comes after Mississippi? (Missouri)
17. What is our national anthem? (The Star-Spangled Banner)
18. What is our national bird? ( the bald eagle)
19. What is the lowest point in the United States, and how low is it? (Death Valley, 282 ft. below sea level)
20. How long is the Mississippi River? (2,348 miles long)
21. What is the national flower? ( the rose)
22. Where is Mount McKinley and what is its elevation? (Alaska, 20,320 ft. above sea level)
23. Which state comes after Nebraska? (Nevada)
24. Which state comes after Arizona? (Arkansas)
25. What fact do you associate with the following dates:

March 3, 1931 (national anthem adopted)
October 7, 1986 (national flower adopted)
July 30, 1956 (national motto adopted)
June 20, 1782 (national bird was selected)

26.In alphabetical order, which state comes after California? (Colorado)
27. What document was written in 1787? (the Preamble to the Constitution)
28. In the Preamble, what did they seek to "establish"? (justice)
29. What did they seek to "provide for" ? ( the common defense)
30. What did they seek to "insure"? (domestic tranquillity)
31. What did they seek to "secure"? ( the blessings of liberty)
32. What did they see to "promote"? (the general welfare)
33. Who did they want to secure the blessing of liberty for? (ourselves and our posterity)
34. What is the meaning of "our posterity"? (our children and descendants who will live after us.)
35. Who said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"? (John F. Kennedy)
36. On what occasion did he say this? (his Inaugural Address)
37. What was the date of this Address? (Jan. 20, 1961)
38. What is the meaning of "Inaugural" or "Inauguration"? (the installation of a man as president)
39. Which one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence is quoted in our play? (Thomas Jefferson)
40. Jefferson said certain truths were self-evident. One was that men were created in a certain way. What was that way? (equal)
41. What 3 inalienable rights does Jefferson mention? (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness)
42. Which character in our play was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? (Martin Luther King)
43. Where did Martin Luther King give his famous speech? (from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial)
44. What was the date of his speech? (August 28, 1963)
45. What was his dream for his children? ( that they would live in a nation where they would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character)
46. The phrase "all men are created equal" was quoted by three characters in the play? Who were the three characters? (Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson)
47. Who was the sixteenth president of the United States? (Abraham Lincoln)
48. In what town did he give his famous address in 1863? (Gettysburg)
49. At the time he gave the address, how long had the colonists been on this continent? (four score and seven years)
50. How long is "four score and seven years? (20x4=80 plus 7=87)
51. Lincoln said our nation was dedicated to what proposition? (that all men are created equal)
52. In alphabetical order, which state comes after Vermont? (Virginia)
53. Which state comes after Florida? (Georgia)
54. What is the name of Part Two of our program? (Stars and Stripes Forever)
55. Give two names for our flag.(Old Glory, The Star-Spangled Banner)
56. Tell about one way you can show respect for the flag. (hold your hand or your hat over your heart)
57. In the Old Glory section, what four places are mentioned where battle occurred? (Anzio, Guadalcanal, Korea, and Vietnam)
58. Many countries have flags that are red, white and blue. Name another country besides America which has a flag of red, white, and blue.(France, Czechoslovakia, Iceland, the Netherlands, England, Liberia, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, Newfoundland, Nationalist China, Western Samoa, Thailand)
59. Which state in alphabetical order comes after Georgia? (Hawaii)
60. Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner? (Francis Scott Key)
61. In what harbor was he watching a battle? (the harbor of Baltimore)
62. In what state is Baltimore? (Maryland)
63. What was the name of the fort Francis Scott Key was watching? (Fort McHenry)
64. Where is that flag today that Key was watching at Fort McHenry? (in the Smithsonian at Washington D.C.)
65. How could he see the flag when it was nighttime? (the rockets’ red glare)
66. Why was he not able to see the flag for a long time? (because of the smoke and haze)
67. He wrote a poem and gave it to someone. To whom did he give it? (his brother-in-law)
68. What did people do when they heard the poem? (they liked it, or they began singing it to the tune of a familiar marching tune)
69. Who wrote the pledge to the flag? (Francis Bellamy)
70. What was the occasion of his writing the Pledge? ( the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America)
71. Columbus discovered America in 1492. In what year was the pledge written? (1892)
72. Which state comes after Maine? (Maryland)
73. Which state comes after Tennessee? (Texas)
74. Which state comes after Ohio in alphabetical order? (Oklahoma)
75. What was the occupation of Betsy Ross and where did she live? (seamstress, Philadelphia)
76. What shape did Washington want on the flag, and what did Betsy suggest? (6 pointed stars, and 5 pointed stars)
77. Tell about the first official flag of the U.S.A. ( It had 13 stars and 13 stripes)
78. What did these stars and stripes represent? (the 13 original colonies)
79. The flag of 1812 had 15 stars and 15 stripes. What are the names of the two new states that had been added to the original 13. (Kentucky and Vermont)
80. Why did they decide to go back to only 13 stripes on the flag? ( there were so many new states added that it became impractical to keep adding stripes. It didn’t look right to have so many stripes.)
81. In ABC order which state comes after Connecticut? (Delaware)
82. What is Part Three of our play called? (The New Colossus)
83. What is the meaning of the word "Colossus"? (something very, very large)
84. What was the name of the country that gave the large statue to the United States? (France)
85. What event were they honoring? (America’s 100th birthday)
86. What was the first and last name of the sculptor who designed and built the Statue of Liberty? (Frederic Bartholdi)
87. As the statue was being completed in France, what was the problem that existed in the United States? ( the base for the statue had not been completed, and there was not enough money to complete it.)
88. Which newspaper editor helped to raise money to complete the base? (Joseph Pulitzer)
89. Pulitzer was called a philanthropist. What is a philanthropist? ( a person who gives money, usually large amounts of money to help others)
90. How long is the finger of the Statue of Liberty? (8feet long)
91. How wide is her mouth? ( 1 yard)
92. The Statue of Liberty stands in a harbor. What is the name of that harbor? (New York Harbor)
93. Emma Lazarus wrote a poem about the Statue of Liberty. What is the name of that poem? (The New Colossus)
94. What song do we sing that was based on the poem of Emma Lazarus?
(Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor)
95. Who wrote this song? (Irving Berlin)
96. Name another song that Irving Berlin wrote. (God Bless America)
97. What is a word that begins with "I" that describes people who come to America from other countries? (immigrants)
98. We sing two songs about immigrants. One is "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor." What is the name of the other song about immigrants? (When I First Came to This Land)
99. Irving Berlin was an immigrant. From what country did he come? (Russia)
100. Why did he write, "God Bless America"? ( He wanted to express his gratitude to the country that inspired it.)
101. What did Katherine Lee Bates do for a living? (She was a professor in Massachusetts)
102. Where was she visiting when she was inspired to write a poem? (Pike’s Peak in Colorado)
103. What was the first line of her poem? (Oh, beautiful for spacious skies)
104. Name the song that was written for this poem. (America the Beautiful)
105. Which Psalm begins "May God be gracious to us and bless us"? (Psalm 67)
106. In Psalm 67 how does the psalmist say that God rules the people? (justly)
107. In the Psalm, what will the land do if people will praise God? (The land will yield its harvest.)
108. In the last line of the Psalm, who will fear God?( all the ends of the earth, or everyone on earth)
109. In which Psalm do we read, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord"? (Psalm 33:12)

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