America, A Star-Spangled Production

This patriotic program was first performed by the Dallas Christian second graders in 1994 and has been presented annually since that time.

In 2003 we revised the patriotic play to reflect the changes which have taken place in our country. The setting of the play is now the classroom. The teachers are conducting a history lesson. As the day progresses, visions of patriots from the past began to appear on the stage and introduce themselves. On the second day, substitutes are in charge of the instruction, then on the third day the teachers return.

The play reflects the new patriotism which has swept our country and some new songs and skits have been added.

You are welcome to use the play as it is written, or change it to suit your own school situation. The original version beginning on this page contains links to the song resources.

Click here to see a 13 page PDF print version of the updated play.

Click on the picture to view the Costumes
Parents made many of the costumes and we ordered
patriotic vests .

(Original version)

Flute Player: Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Ladies and Gentlemen, children and grandparents, friends and relatives, lend me your ears!

Drummer: On behalf of the Second Grade, I would like to welcome you to our patriotic program: "America: A Star-Spangled Production."

Flag Bearer: Now would you please welcome the Dallas Christian School Grade 2 Drama Club and Chorus!


Masters of Ceremony

MC1: Hi! I'm ____

MC2: I'm ____

MC3: And I'm ____. Welcome to: "Do You Want to Be a Millionaire?"

MC2: And we will be your MC's for tonight. Our catagory tonight is "America".

MC1: We will travel through time (in our minds, of course) and over many miles to bring you questions about the history of our nation.

MC3: Part One is "America in the Making". In this section you will learn many historical facts about the U.S.A.

MC2: (Whisper) I have heard we will also be visited by several American "blasts from the past" during our program.

MC1: Speaking of blasts from the past, do you know why Paul Revere rode his horse from Boston to Lexington?

MC3: No, why?

MC1: Because it was too heavy to carry! (laughs and slaps his knee)

MC3: Oh, brother! (rolls eyes upward)

MC2: Let's begin our tour! Hey look! Here come George and Martha Washington!

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