Dancing Six


Here are some tricks to learning the Sixes which will help you to remember them.

6x6 is 36

The answer ends with a 6
which is double the 3.

6x8 is 48

The answer ends with an 8
which is double the 4.

6x7 is 42

*There is a domino game that is called 42
so we show a domino with
6 dots on one end and 7 on the other.

(*Actually this domino is not used in the game of 42
which uses a double-six set of dominoes,
but Hey, we need a memory peg!)

Learn more about the game of 42

Practice with the song.

Listen to the song

Download the midi file

(Two measure introduction)

Super Sixes are easy you see.
Come along and learn with me.
6 times 6 is 36. It ends with a 6
which is double the 3.


Let's learn a couple more.
Now in your brain you'll store
That 6 times 8 is 48.
Yes, it ends with an 8
which is double the 4.


There's a domino game to play
called "42" they say,
So 6 times 7 is easy for you.
6 times 7 is 42.

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