September 28, 2008

Garden of Praise has three new biographies this month for our students. You will find printable and online activities for each person.

Michael Phelps Olympic gold medal winner

Lise Meitner physicist who worked with nuclear fission

Ronald Reagan 40th President of the United States

Linda Lawrence in her series, God's Exquisite Garden, has written two new Bible lessons for women and young adults.

Attendance She encourages us to meet regularly with other Christians for mutual edification.

Omnipresence of God God is everywhere at all times. Jonah learned this when in his disobedience he tried to run away.

A Personal Note

Gwen, my neighbor across the alley, a busy wife, mother, and grandmother, has started taking piano lessons from me. Her lesson is a bright spot in the week for me.

I will be returning to South Carolina in early October to spend some time with my grandson Eric who is dealing with cancer. He is to begin chemo theraphy this week, and the doctor has given an OK to an immune boosting supplement to aid in his recovery.

My husband Murray's children will be caring for him while I am gone. I don't know what we would do without these children and step-children!

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