This exercise is in the key of F Major. There is one flat in the key signature, and that flat is Bb. Your first B flat will be in the second measure. You will play the black key to the left of B. You will need to place your hands in the F Major position. The thumb of your right hand will be on F above middle C, and the little finger of your left hand will be on the F below middle C.

We will count 1,2,3,4.

In this exercise you may circle all the B's with a pencil to remind you to flat those notes.

When you learn the exercise well, you can move your hands up eight notes (an octave) and your teacher or your friend can play the automatic chords and rhythm to accompany you.

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Up and Down the Hills in F Major

Now play the same exercise in other keys.

G Major
one sharp

F Major
one flat

D Major
two sharps

Bb Major
two flats

A Major
three sharps

Eb Major
three flats

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Up and Down the Hills
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