May 5, 2009

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The response to the FREE online and printable tests has been good. Since March we have put 159 tests online. 153 teachers and homeschool moms have signed up to use them. Nearly 200 Bible tests and over 2400 biography tests have been taken online. Tests are now available for ALL the Biographies and Children's Bible Lessons.

This is a sample of the online tests : Helen Keller (Use the 0000 code to look at the test.)

There is also a printable test for Helen Keller

You may register and get a code to use the tests in your classes.
Each biography will have 20 multiple choice questions and the Bible tests have 10 questions each.
Your students can take the tests on the computer, the computer will grade them, and you can print out the grades.
Students can also take the tests using the code 0000 even if their teacher is not registered.

I have recently made a website for my brother-in-law Tex for his business

Tex has graciously given me permission to use his Bible pictures to make slideshows to accompany the Bible lessons,
so that is my next project. I have made two so far using Flash Slideshow Maker
I hope this feature will be valuable to Bible school teachers in presenting the lessons.

The Creation
Adam and Eve

A Personal Note

We will continue to supply free teaching materials to help you through these tough economic times.

All of our sons and sons-in-law have jobs right now, and my foster son is starting a new job tomorrow after being out of work for 4 months. He is in the retail car business which has been hit so hard.

Every so often my sweet husband, Murray decides he should get a job. He is 86 years old and has Alzheimer's disease. I tell him he has served his time and it's his turn to relax now and take it easy.

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