January 25, 2009

Garden of Praise has two new biographies this month for our students.
You will find free printable and online activities for Barack Obama and César Chávez .

Barack Obama
recently inaugurated 44th President of the United States

César Chávez
civil rights leader who helped to organize the farm workers in America

I have also started a new set of Bible lessons, Women of the Bible. Four have been completed.
All the online and printable activities are free for you to use.

Eve, Mother of All Living

Hannah, Mother of the Prophet Samuel

Sarah, Wife of Abraham

Hagar, Mother of Ishmael

The Garden of Praise Bible Songs and Hymns is completed and we should have it ready to order within the next month. It contains all the songs for the Bible stories and there are two CDs of acapella music to accompany the book.

A Personal Note

December was a very sad month for us. I went to South Carolina as I planned and spent five days with Eric, my grandson who had cancer. It was hard to see him in such a condition. Then on December 27th we lost him to the disease. He had turned 34 the previous month.

If you or any of your loved ones have suspicious moles, symptoms etc. please have it checked out. It could save your life. His melanoma started with a birthmark.

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