July 3, 2009

The Resurrection

The 100 Bible slideshows are now complete, and Texas Stevens, my brother-in-law will be producing a CD of them within a few weeks.

The pictures used are from the Visualized Bible Art Library belonging to Gospel Services and the slideshows were made using Flash Slideshow Maker

Bible Match

The newest offering at Garden of Praise is a series of online Bible matching games which were made at Quia. Each activity has two "columns" with words to match. The child is asked to match facts about Bible people, places and things.

Online Tests

We now have 85 online Bible tests and 74 Biography tests. 322 people have registered and over 6000 tests have been taken.

This is a sample of the online tests : Helen Keller (Use the 0000 code to look at the test.)

There is also a printable test for Helen Keller

You may register and get a code to use the tests in your classes.
Each biography will have 20 multiple choice questions and the Bible tests have 10 questions each.
Your students can take the tests on the computer, the computer will grade them, and you can print out the grades.
Students can also take the tests using the code 0000 even if their teacher is not registered.

A Personal Note

We know economic times are tough, but you can always find free teaching material at Garden of Praise.

We are staying indoors during this 100 degree heat in Dallas. We try to schedule doctor appointments and run errands in the mornings before it gets so hot. My husband Murray is getting quite feeble and he sleeps a lot, but he still knows who I am except for brief episodes when he seems to forget everything.

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The banner at the top of the page features my granddaughter Veronica when she was a baby. A wallpaper image of the picture of her smelling the flowers is available for you to download and enjoy.

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Songs of Praise Banner Link

Elton has a new Songs of Praise community started. He tells me they will help me to create one soon. I'm looking forward to it.

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