August 30, 2009

SLIDESHOWS, SLIDESHOWS that's about all I do these days.

I hope these will be helpful to teachers as they teach the lessons. They are all free for you to use online.

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Accompany Children's Bible Lessons
The DVD can be ordered at Gospel Services Inc.

Accompany Biographies for Kids, Famous Leaders for Young Readers

Accompany Famous Paintings, Art Appreciation, Lessons for Kids

New Bible Lessons

Mary, Mother of Jesus

This lesson begins with Gabriel's announcement to Mary and continues with the birth of Christ, the appearance of the angels to the shepherds, and His presentation in the Temple. There are many activities to accompany the lesson.

Elizabeth, Mother of John

Elizabeth in her old age was chosen to be the mother of John, who would be the person to prepare the people for the coming Messiah. We learn about what happened to Zacharias when he did not believe the word of the angel to him. Puzzles and games accompany the lesson.

A Personal Note

The biggest news lately has been the birth of Elizabella Lou, my first great-grandbaby, so indulge me just a moment. Shown below are my daughter Karen, granddaughter Stephanie, myself and Bella. The name Lou has been passed down in our family for seven generations.

We are still making plans for a Garden of Praise community where members can exchange teaching ideas. We'll keep you posted

The banner at the top of the page features my granddaughter Veronica when she was a baby. A wallpaper image of the picture of her smelling the flowers is available for you to download and enjoy.

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