Famous Leaders for Young Readers

George Washington

A frequent question: "Who wrote these biographies and when were they written?"
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George Washington

1st President of the
United States

John Adams

2nd President of the
United States

Thomas Jefferson

3rd President of the
United States

James Madison

4th President of the
United States

James Monroe

5th President of the
United States

Andrew Jackson

7th President of the
United States

Martin Van Buren

8th President of the
United States

Abraham Lincoln

16th President of the
United States

Theodore Roosevelt

26th President of the
United States

Calvin Coolidge

30th President of the
United States

Franklin D. Roosevelt

32nd President of the
United States

Harry S. Truman

33rd President of the
United States

Dwight D. Eisenhower

34th President of the
United States

John F. Kennedy

35th President of the
United States

Lyndon B. Johnson

36th President of the
United States

Jimmy Carter

39th President of the
United States

Ronald Reagan

40th President of the
United States

Barack Obama

44th President of the
United States

. .


Benjamin Franklin

Patriot and Statesman

Francis Scott Key

Wrote the Star Spangled Banner

Deborah Sampson

Woman soldier in the
Revolutionary Army

Molly Pitcher

Heroine of the
Battle of Monmouth



Roman Emperor

Alexander the Great

Greek Conqueror

Winston Churchill

British Prime Minister

Margaret Thatcher

British Prime Minister


Alexander Graham Bell

Inventor of the telephone

Johann Gutenberg

Invented the printing press

Cyrus McCormick

Invented the mechanical reaper

Thomas A. Edison

Developer of the electric light bulb

The Wright Brothers

First airplane

Henry Ford



Cherokee alphabet

Nikola Tesla

700 patents

Leonardo Da Vinci

Flying Machine

Dean Kamen


Jack Kilby

Integrated Circuit

Donald O'Neal

ONIL stove

Michael Faraday

Electric motor

. . .


John Muir

Explorer and naturalist

Meriwether Lewis

Explorer to the Western United States

Christopher Columbus

Discovered America

Robert Peary

Arctic Explorer

Matthew Henson

Arctic Explorer

Sir Edmund Hillary

Mt. Everest

Kit Carson

Scout, Indian agent

Daniel Boone


John Chapman
Johnny Appleseed


. . .


Eleanor Roosevelt

First Lady, humanitarian

Nelson Mandela

Freedom Fighter

Albert Schweitzer

Doctor, humanitarian

Mahatma Gandhi

Civil rights leader in India

Harriet Tubman

Deliverer of Slaves

Norman Borlaug

Father of the Green Revolution

Clara Barton

Founder of the American Red Cross

William Wilberforce

Member of Parliament - Abolitionist

Florence Nightingale

Founder of the Nursing profession

Greg Mortenson

Author - Humanitarian

. .


Amelia Earhart

Aviation Pioneer

Henrietta Lacks

Immortal Cells

Sadako Sasaki

Hiroshima Victim

Malala Yousafzai

Education Activist in Pakistan

Joan of Arc

Religious and military leader

Annie Oakley


Susan B. Anthony


Elizabeth Keckly


Helen Keller

Blind and Deaf

Anne Frank


Madam C.J. Walker



George Washington Carver

Botanist and educator

Albert Einstein

Physicist, genius, Nobel Prize winner

Marie Curie

Scientist, physicist, Nobel Prize winner

Louis Pasteur

Chemist, biologist

Sir Isaac Newton

Explained gravity and properties of light


Astronomer, physicist

Lise Meitner


Benjamin Banneker

Astronomer - Mathematician


Booker T. Washington

Leader and educator

Noah Webster

Wrote the dictionary


Greek philosopher

Mary McLeod Bethune


. .



Father of medicine

Walter Reed

Discovered cause of yellow fever



George Müller

Minister - builder of orphan homes

Increase Mather

Religious leader - Salem witch trials



Michael Phelps

Olympic swimmer

Wilma Rudolph

Olympic gold medal winner

Tiger Woods

Championship golfer

Lou Gehrig

Baseball player


Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil rights leader

Rosa Parks

Bus desegregation

Sojourner Truth

Former slave and abolitionist

Frederick Douglass


Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Civil rights leader

James Forten

Inventor, abolitionist

César Chávez

Civil rights leader



Ludwig van Beethoven


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



Laura Ingalls Wilder

Author - Children's Books

Samuel Clemens
(Mark Twain)

Author - Humorist

Ernest Hemingway

Author - Novelist

Phillis Wheatley

Slave - Poet


John James Audubon

Artist and Naturalist

Gutzon Borglum

Sculptor, Mount Rushmore

Ansel Adams


Vincent van Gogh



Sculptor and Painter

Rembrandt van Rijn


Grandma Moses

Folk Artist

Mary Cassatt






Norman Rockwell


Dale Chihuly

Glass Sculptor

Biographies of 48 Famous Artists

Black History .
Garden of Praise features biographies of
19 notable blacks for your students.

These stories of presidents, inventors, educators, scientists,
business men and women etc. are presented to inspire the student
to follow their examples of courage, determination, honesty and willingness to work.

Each story features 8 free printables!
multi-choice test, word search, crossword puzzle, word scramble,
study sheet, student worksheet, alphabetical order page, and picture to color.

There are 7 online activites for each biography.
Online computer-graded tests, online games, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles,
word searches, scrambled word puzzles, and pictures to paint.

The biographies and accompanying worksheets
can be helpful for developing reading comprehension.
They may be used in conjunction with a computer program or independently.

How to Use Biographies for Kids for Tutoring

Ideas for Using Garden of Praise Lessons

Other Biography Resources

Looking for a children's book? There are links to hundreds of biographies written for children.
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Some have used these biographies in writing end-of-year student assessment tests
and in lessons for which they charge a fee.
If you want to use them for commercial purposes please contact me.

They may be used by students, teachers, and homeschool moms
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Free Biography Flashcards

A printable set of 75 Biography cards is available for teaching about famous people.
Biography "Who Am I?" online activities are complete with pictures.

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311834: Drive Thru History America: Foundations of Character Drive Thru History America: Foundations of Character
By David Barton & Nita Thomason / Focus On The Family

One thing many of our nation's founders shared was a Christian worldview. Teach your students how beliefs influence actions, as demonstrated by Noah Webster, George Washington, Abigail Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and others. This 9-unit DVD-based cross-curricular supplement incorporates history, government, citizenship, culture, science, social studies, and technology. Features 10-minute "teaser" segments that introduce each lesson; and reproducible work sheets. 128 pages, softcover with DVD-ROM from Tyndale. Grades 6-12.

This kit includes: Nine video sessions with teacher's guide on DVD. Student textbook included.

633388: Your Story Hour Volume 7 - Audiobook on CD Your Story Hour Volume 7 - Audiobook on CD
By Your Story Hour

Children will listen and learn as they experience the historic adventures of Joan of Arc, John Bunyan, Albert Schweitzer, George Mueller, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, Louis Pastuer, Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell, Dwight L. Moody, John Wanamaker, George W. Carver, and Keith Argraves. Exciting, educational, and entertaining, these dramatizations feature sound effects, music, and professional actors portraying the high moral values demonstrated by men and women throughout history, and necessary for successful living today. 12 one-hour CDs in a vinyl storage case.

Christian Ebooks and reader

363230: Everyday Life Inventions Grades 4-6 Everyday Life Inventions Grades 4-6
By Good Year Books

In this captivating chronicle, kids will learn about some of the inventions that helped shape the history and character of our country. Kids will see how progress in such fields as science, industry, medicine, transportation, electronics, communications, and technology not only changed the way we live and work, but gave America the highest standard of living in the world. Told in an easy-to-read, anecdotal narrative that kids can read and enjoy on their own, "Inventions" includes activities that involve the reader in the invention process. Forty-three activities plus an answer key are included. For grades 4-6. Softcover, reproducible pages.

884002: TruthQuest History: American History for Young Students II (1800-1865) TruthQuest History: American History for Young Students II (1800-1865)
By Michelle Miller / Truth Quest History

History may seem murky, but only because we wrongly focus on the long corridor of human actions. History is really a door to God Himself!

God created mankind and his times. He is the initiator; we are the responders. So, it is first God's truths and then our responding beliefs which shape all of history: government, philosophy, art, architecture, literature, scientific thinking, economics, law, and the value placed on human life itself.

TruthQuest History opens the door to it all by bringing together worldview wisdom, literature recommendations, and chronology... all in a fascinating storyline of spiritual context!

How? Picture your family reclining in a comfy boat. The current of TruthQuest History carries you... because each topic has its own powerful commentary and reading list. Your children do not just visit times... they understand them! They do not just read... they see cause-and-effect truth!

Whatever your style, TruthQuest History can benefit you. It follows key Charlotte Mason and Classical resources, and assists unit-study and unschooling familes exploring an era. TruthQuest History even helps you teach your own theology and choose your own resources! Adaptable for all grades.

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