What Others Say About
Garden of Praise Educational Programs

Bible Lessons

From India: Several of our ministers have translated some of the
Bible Lessons For Children from Garden of Praise into Telugu for the children of India.
26,000 books have been printed and distributed to 20,000 congregations.
(View Introduction and 53 Lessons)

From Ethiopia: I became fascinated by your
website and content. I would like to produce books for children which
combines pictures with Bible content in Amharic. Each page will contain
beautiful, full-page, detailed illustrations in colors, making for easy
reading. My plan is to produce it to glorify His name and to make a
positive difference in the lives of those children who read it. My plan is to distribute
this book to all churches in Ethiopia for them to use in their classrooms.
Will I get your permission to proceed with my plan to glorify God’s
name and help Ethiopian churches for their aspirations to teach children the
Words of God through this book?
(The first printing was 800 copies)

From Florida: What a blessing! This is the most useful site I have found for
Christian education. THANK YOU.

From a homeschool mom: I came upon your Bible lessons and my 4th grade daughter
and I have been blessed by it. She is dyslexic. Your short stories and
tests have been wonderful. It is a great tool for reading comprehension
and learning about the Bible in a story form that a child can understand
and a parent can teach.

From China: I'm using the Bible stories and songs for our sunday school in China.
The Non-Christian Chinese kids are really learning the Bible stories,
because they can hear the stories online and especially love the beautiful Bible story songs!

From Malaysia: I am amazed how you have made each lessons wonderful.
This has indeed helped me get in touch with my Sunday School children.

From New York: Your Bible stories are well written, clear, concise,
and very age appropriate. The pictures which accompany the stories are just
magnificent. Just looking at the pictures makes the stories come alive.

From Virginia: I just love your website. I use the materials every Sunday when I teach
a kids Sunday School class.

From Massachusetts: Thank you very much for helping people around the world
teach the children the Word of God.

From Denisa: Thank you very much for your web site,
for your commitment to share the songs and Bible Truth to the kids.
my 7 years old daughter loves your web site and she learned since
3 years ago the David's song, it's unique and wonderful. Lord bless
and reward you!

From Guam: Thank you for sharing your great
resources for children's Sunday school. I'm an assistant pastor and my wife
is also a children Sunday school helper. If you don't mind, I'll be
sharing this website to her maybe she can start using for her kids during
Sunday school. God bless.

From Africa: Your Bible stories for little ones is very exciting.
I am using it to teach the kids in my Sunday School class.

From Australia: Our Sunday School class is being run by university students.
Your site has been a huge amount of help.

From missionaries in India: It is hard to access tools with a limited budget.
Thank you for offering all these wonderful tools that will help us to do this
work for Jesus. I am especially thankful for the children's teaching aids
as we are starting a charity school for the local slum children.

From a Bible teacher: Your lessons have been a real blessing to me as a
Midweek Bible Class teacher for 7 to 9 years old.

I was so amazed at the wonderful lessons that have been put together.
Finally lessons that any child can understand.

From a New York church: Thank you so much for being there when we needed you.
Our church is in the inner city and we do not have the resources to purchase
lesson books. Your site has made it possible to teach our kids the Bible
without going into debt.

From Florida: What a blessing! This is the most useful site I have found for
Christian education. THANK YOU.

From a homeschool mom: I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for you and your
site. This is my first year that I am homeschooling my 2nd grader and it's
been very difficult to find curriculum within my "now" budget. With this site
I will be able to teach her and my younger children the Bible in a timely and
fun fashion.

From Scotland: When I took over as Sunday School leader there were around 8 kids
sitting around doing crafts for an hour. Your website has been a great help.
I am regularly using the Bible lessons, songs, and activities, and we currently
have 54 kids between 3 and 11. Teaching God's word to the kids
is so much easier with your methods.

You Tube by homeschool mom: review of Bible
lessons at Garden of Praise and how she used them..

From a homeschool mom: I came upon your Bible lessons and my 4th grade daughter
and I have been blessed by it. She is dyslexic. Your short stories and
tests have been wonderful. It is a great tool for reading comprehension
and learning about the Bible in a story form that a child can understand
and a parent can teach.

From Illinois: We like to keep our Bible lessons scriptural and your site is an
answer to prayer.

From a church webmaster: I was looking for something interesting to help
the kids of my church understand God and make Sunday School fun.
Your site is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

From: New Mexico: Thanks for the website. I teach 3rd and 4th graders
at ***** church. The activities and worksheets are much nicer than the
Sunday School kit we were given to teach by.

From Botswana: This is the best source I have found online.
It has Bible stories written for children with beautiful orignal art and graphics.

Music and Fine Arts

From Deborah: Thank you so much for explaining the
C chord V7!! It is so much to learn as a starting adult player
and this really helps make sense of it all!

From Australia: The song, 1-1-1 Spelling Rule, helps the weak spellers
of my class understand the double the consonant before adding endings,
much more clearly now.

From a California mom: I was desperately searching for resource materials to help
me in assisting my children at home after school and during the summer
when I came across your fantastic website. It has been the only thing I have
used for several of my projects. Thank you very much. I find the Artists section
a great resource to use.

From a thankful mother: My son, who is in 5th grade, has been struggling with
multiplication since the beginning. I was searching the internet for some hope
before we headed off on another dead end path of math text and workbooks.
I came across a post from you about teaching multiplication. I took a look and
am so impressed! My younger sons are learning right along with their brother
and they don't even know it.

From a mother: My self-taught musician son was asking questions about the V7 chord
the other day when he was messing around on the keyboard. I couldn't remember
my music theory well enough to explain it to him. WOW - there you are! I sent
him the link to your page.

From the UK: Thanks for the excellent site. I'm a senior (citizen) who has
just resumed playing keyboard after a very long break and your site
is a big help.

I just wanted you to know that the Fill the Measure idea is wonderful!
What a genius way to put rhythm in perspective.

Teacher Helps

From Educational Testing Service : We are writing to ask for non-exclusive
U.S. permission to reprint the following: Biography of George Washington.

From The WiderNet Project :
We seek your permission to distribute "Garden of Praise" published at
http://gardenofpraise.com/ via the eGranary Digital Library to people
lacking Internet access. We are developing a children’s library
as per requests from our African subscribers and this content would be greatly
beneficial for developing countries’ education organizations.

From :Institute for Excellence in Writing Inc. We would like permission to use
the following articles in a set of lesson plans; Gutenberg, Lou Gehrig,
Deborah Sampson, Beethoven, Walter Reed, and Martin Luther King.

From Taecanet Springboard Learning System:
We would very much like your permission to include your web page
Florence Nightingale on our learning system for UK schools
and International Schools that teach the UK curriculum.

From the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder:
We have identified your website Garden of Praise as an excellent possible
resource for biographical material to be included in this research version
of Summary Street.

From the UK Government Department for Education Skills : We wish to inform you
that we are currently producing a CD ROM for the Primary ICT STrategy and we wish
to list a link to Garden of Praise in our material.

From Japan: I was wondering if it were possible to gain your permission to use
the Alexander Graham Bell text on your site for educational purposes.
We would be grateful if we could gain your permission to use the text
as part of an entrance exam question at our university.

From West Virginia: May we have permission to link to your site for a lesson
we are writing for West Virginia Department of Education

From Carla : Thank you so much for
your website! I am currently raising and homeschooling my grandson.
He's 8 years old. He's a great reader, but he lacks in spelling.
He can memorize spelling words for a weekly test, but forgets them
the next week. I am going to use your program, because I want to
incorporate the bible studies into the spelling lesson.

From : Reading Lessons for Alaska State Standards We would like to use the
following biographies in our material: Helen Keller and Florence Nightingale.

From The Philippines. I am Anna from the Philippines. I am currently writing an
English textbook for Grade 1 which will be published by REX Bookstore.
One of my lessons aims to answer the question, "Who is a leader?" In
this light, I would like to ask permission to use the biography of
Florence Nightingale in the book that I am writing. I think this is
perfect material for my lesson especially at this time in our lives.

I am an American living in Germany. Once a week I use your website to teach
bilingual children.

From a Library/Media Specialist: I used the biographies on your site
for a second grade class here in the media center.

From a homeschool mom: Thank you so much. This website is a homeschooling
mom's dream come true.

From a special education paraprofessional in Ohio: I have been working
with ****, a 6th grade ADDH student. He is disruptive, loud, and almost refused
to do any reading until I found your Boxcar Children teaching plans, and oh my!
He wants to read now; he even comes and borrows the book during the day when
he is not with me. It has made us both extremely happy and proud of ourselves.
Everyone at the school had given up on him, but I could see the spirit he has.
He asked me to teach him to read better, and my prayers were answered.

From a teacher: I just wanted to let you know that we performed the Patriotic Play
this morning for our students and parents. It was really a huge success.

From a teacher: Our performance of the Patriotic Play was wonderful.
The children did great and the parents were amazed. We want to thank you again
for the play. It is the talk of the town. It was a lot of work, but just seeing
the children shine was incredible and worth every minute of my time.

From a homeschool mom: This is the best site I have ever seen!

Thank you for your work and making it available to homeschool moms like me.
You have made a difference in our school and life.

From a grandmother: My 7 year old grandson read his first "chapter" book
this summer and it was The Boxcar Children, and now he wants to read them all!
I wish all teachers were as creative in their classrooms. Thanks again.

From a teacher: Thank you so much for your Literature Units.
Yesterday one of my students asked for the web address so she could complete
the worksheets at home. She borrowed "The Titanic" from me so she could
complete the units independently. I was so thrilled!

From a college student: I am a K-8 Teacher Certification major and have used
some of the items on this website to develop lesson plans.

From Florida: To say that I'm "Bulletin Board challenged" is an understatement.
I cannot thank you enough for the many creative ideas!!!