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Parable of the Talents

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Parable of the Talents
I am working with children in a crisis shelter and I just recently come across your website and am so blessed and much richer because of it. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and allowing us to use it to continue to spread God's word. May you be richly blessed well beyond your years!!
Parable of the Talents
Im glad your site is available, we just starting are children's ministry and the information that has been provided has helped me Greatly!!! What a Blessing
T Jackson
Parable of the Talents
Really great representation. I read the story to my 7 year old who understood and enjoyed it.
Parable of the Talents
it fells nice reading stories like this .
Parable of the Talents
Thanks great,this is what teaching is all about,
fun.This is what the founder of the boy scout was
trying to teach.Having fun while learing.
Bo Bryant
Parable of the Talents
its nice..this can help the students so much..thank you
nikka joy f. gonzalez

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