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Ludwig van Beethoven

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Ludwig van Beethoven
Very good! It helps me with my little Brother's homework, thanks a lot!!!!!!>,<
Ludwig van Beethoven
it helped me to do my homework so it was supportive to me.
thanks alot
Ludwig van Beethoven
good but the writing is small and the text is complicated, not very clear.....
Ludwig van Beethoven
I am interested in the photograph you have of Beethoven at the head of the page. Can you tell me if it is a photograph and at what age Beethoven would be in it. I have this same photograph which is an original to my knowlege and was wandering how old it is.
Ludwig van Beethoven
I am Siamese, sorry for rusty English.
I am very impressive in Beethoven's symphonies. I think the Beethoven's symphonies were created to simulate a human life cycle. Beginning at his symphony No. 1 = Emerging of a child with innocent feeling of surrounding and got a lot of take care from his parents. Symphony No. 2 = life at teen-age stage with a lot of romantic feeling (I listen the second movement; Oboe-low pitch = male. violin-high pitch = female (sorry, may be mention of wrong instruments. I have no knowledge in music. I listen to music with pure emotional feeling.) and I see the movie "The Sound of Music" at the scene "you are sixteen going on seventeen..."). Also at this stage they possess a lot og impressive feeling in hero (in fact I think the symphony No. 3 represents something like "Tale of a Hero" (first movement = emerging of the hero; second movement = dead of the hero; third movement = celebrate the death hero; fourth movement = legend (I listen the beginning melody of the fourth movement and I feel like "Once upon a time..." or "long long times ago there was...")). The fourth symphony represents life growing up and gaining the knowledge, experience, etc. (the melody reminds me the feeling of the university graduate's atmosphere). To becomes a full strength and intelligent in the fifth. Then it is times to enjoin life at the sixth (Burgundy! Resort!! Royal Salute!!!). The seven symphony represents life going to the old age (first movement = recognizes the fading juvenile (the melody go from low pitch to high pitch); second movement = feeling of deep sorrow (even some crying melody); third movement = try to regain (fitness, exercise, health care, alternative medicine, etc.); fourth movement = achieves some success with feeling of cheer (the melody go from high pitch to low pitch). Eventually life becomes an old man in the eight symphony (first movement = watch the children playing; second movement = teaching, look after the children; third movement = thinking of the passed juvenile life with the feeling of deep sorrow; fourth movement = thinking of the 'would go' place (pantheon, heaven). And THEN! life reaches the ninth symphony = Final Destination!. Then the human world has no chance to listen to the tenth symphony because it was "song of the heaven". (Sorry for very short. I feel much more but diificult to write (in English).

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