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A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie

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A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie
Very educating story, saved your site for hopes to read more! <a href="">panting artist</a>
A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie
On reflection and having obtained a print of the painting I think the mourner is not a lady but most probably her only elder sibling, her brother James, who would have been 9 years old at the time. How sad, it looks as though her mother already had 2 more very young children, the youngest being born only 12 days before the drowning.
David Hornsby
A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie
From what I can make of the genealogical records there was a McGowan family living at Brig 0 Michael in 1881. The daughter Mary had married a John McCall in 1871 and they had a daughter Agnes born in April 1874 and she and her husband were living with her parents. There is then a record of the death of Annie McCall aged 7, daughter of John and Mary at Bridge of Michael on 9th October1881. The cause of death is not recorded. This coincides with the time the Glasgow boys were said to have stayed there. I suspect the little girl was known as Annie as they were all living with the grandparents McGowan and the Grandmother was also named Agnes. Both her father and grandfather were shepherds and I notice the sheepdog in the painting too. From what I can see there is a lady mourner by the coffin although I have read elsewhere that the funeral was an all male gathering.
David Hornsby
A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie
I remember looking at this painting when I was a child with my dad. We just gazed at it and both of us really took in the painting, the expressions on the faces, particularly what we thought (near the coffin) was the father and son perhaps? Btw, my dad had a sister, Cathy who I never met and she had a daughter called (well hope I'm remembering correctly, from my late mum telling me she had been speaking to someone at a family funeral, called) Zena? :-)
Barbara Rose
A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie
can someone please tell me who died and where in the painting by guthrie in highland funeral. It does not give story it only talks about himself, who was the boy and where was he

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