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Song - Peter and Dorcas

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Song - Peter and Dorcas
Thank you for the dorcas song. I will be singing it to my Sunday school class tomorrow . I have never heard a song about Dorcas. So you can imagine how happy I was to find this one . Thank you for going to the trouble to writing this . Many thanks
Trudi Smith
Song - Peter and Dorcas
I challenged a friend to come up with a song with my name in it, and told her if she found one I would sing it all the time. I never dreamed she would be successful; but she found your song here. I love it and look forward to learning it. It's such a beautiful story, but we never hear it past our childhood Sunday School classes. Now I have a reason and a way to share the story all the time. Thank you for this gift.
Dorcas Calhoun

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