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George Muller

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George Muller
Wife and I spent a day on-site. VP Development Brunell Uni gave us superb tour, explaining many details of original construction, to how 5 bldgs used efficiently today. The nearby museum is truly a hidden treasure - little known about it.
George Muller
Just a few observations, if I may:

Müller actually met Craik in Teignmouth, where he was sent to recuperate after taking ill in London. Müller wanted to preach where God sent him, not where the mission society sent him - this is why he resigned. On his return to Teignmouth, Craik offered him a job as pastor. He then met Mary, whose brother Anthony Norris Groves sold all to become a "faith missionary". It was this that inspired George and Mary to live a similar lift.

The Müllers had four children, but two were still-born.

Charles Dickens wrote the article for his newspaper "Household Words" in NOvember 1857. (Ashley is mis-spelt in this paragraph)

The sea captain (Joseph Dutton) didn't pray - Müller stopped him because Dutton didn't believe.

Although the ü in Müller is pronounced ee-yew, Müller actually pronounced it as Meller. He was punctilious about putting the two dots over the u - he never "anglicised" his name to Mueller.

The photograph is of No 2 House, and is now used by Bristol City as a college.

He received, in answer to prayer, nearly £1,500,000 - around £86,000,000 in today's terms (or $129,000,000).

The Trust he set up continues to support missionaries around the world. It also holds the records for most of the nearly 18,000 children cared for during the 150 year life of the orphanage.
George Muller
Thank you! We just picked up a biography of George Muller this week to begin reading. I appreciate the pictures you have added on this site to go along with our reading.

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