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Marriage at Cana

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Marriage at Cana
Did the artist make the water pots a little small?
A "firkin" liquid measure is about 10 gallons. There were 6 pots. Each of the SIX waterpots held 20 to 30 gallons. I needed to read that again. That total was closer to 140-180 gallons. WOW. WHAT a WEDDING GIFT! HE always SURPRISES ME like that! Have you noticed anyONE that GIVES like that? Don't forget your TITHE! You CAN'T OUTGIVE God! GOD BLESS
It's me again...johnie
Marriage at Cana
This is the first miracle of our Lord.
Shortly after He called his first disciples he told them they needed to go to Cana for a party.
I'm not sure but the disciples may have looked around at one another and wondered if John the Baptist would take time out to go to a wedding. Surely, kingdom business was more important than
wasting time at a marriage. Perhaps they asked Him why they were going to a mere social party???
Jesus, knowing their thoughts said, "We have been
INVITED....let's take a little stroll over to Cana." Little did they know that Jesus was about to leave a little wedding present of the best wine they had ever tasted! Oh, was it good! They feasted for DAYS with the newly weds and left them enough to no doubt sell and pay for their honeymoon! Those 6 waterpots that once held water for ceremonial washings held about 40 to 40 gallons EACH! What a way to OPEN HIS MINISTRY!
Read the rest of the story in John chapter 2.
God bless.
Johnie Luker

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