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Creation of the World Song

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Creation of the World Song
I totally love this creation song! Can't wait to share it with the students of our school. Thank you so much from Kingsview Christian School, North Bend, OR USA.
Mark Magill
Creation of the World Song
Awesome work... This has encouraged little kids to attend the sunday school each sunday with great enthusiasim. Thank you so much.. God Bless u.. Do let me know if you have books published with the same amount of information, it would be helpful to carry all over.
Ashitha Vishal
Creation of the World Song
Your site is such a blessing. May God richly bless you for all your work for free. It has helped us tremendously! God Bless you
Creation of the World Song
Im eight years old, and I really enjoyed the story of the creation. Thank you
Creation of the World Song
This is great for kids to learn how God created this earth.
Creation of the World Song
Really love it! God gives creative abilities to those who know and love him! Thanks you for sharing.....maybe you can do a Christmas song too! in Christ's love
Creation of the World Song
this song is great for my Sunday School Class because we started the Creation all the way to Adam and Eve. They are going to sing this in front of the church, but they don't know it yet.. Thanks
Melissa Vess
Creation of the World Song
..this song was very nice and the site was beautiful, and it was very helpful..God bless your very very good work.
Creation of the World Song
Lindo o seu site. Que Deus abençoe seu trabalho e todas as obras de suas mãos.
Your site is very beautifull. God bless your work.
Creation of the World Song
I have just found your site, Praise God! I am a Awana Commander and hold a 20 minute session each Wednesday evening. Your site will be very helpful to bring the children, 3rd through sixth grades the wonderful word of our Lord.
Creation of the World Song
Thank you for putting up this website, its been very helpful since for the first time i will be teaching Sunday school
Creation of the World Song
I'm blessed much, keep it on for your wonderful work being seen throughout the world.
Creation of the World Song
Thank you, you have made teaching a Wednesday night Bible Club of varying ages a great deal easier. Everyone from the 13 year old to the 4 year old will be able to comprehend these lessons.
Creation of the World Song
Am blessed with your site,am a sunday sch teacher and your materials are awesome.God bless you.
Creation of the World Song
wonderful, just what I need for my small number, and does not attempt to teach any one church or group. I will give it as many stars as could be shown on this page.
Jessie Howell

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