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Free Children's Bible Songs

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Free Children's Bible Songs
Praise The Lord beloved sister in Christ.God bless you and your family richly.Its really Great bible story songs for kids.Thank to God.Keep it up your Great work.God continuesly bless all your great work you do for him.Take care.
Alexanderia Jesus
Free Children's Bible Songs
I have been searching for Bible songs for my children that will help them learn the entire Bible at the tip of their finger. This is an excellent site full of inspiration and great lessons for kids. My sincere prayer is that all who contributed to build this great treasure shall not loose their rewards in heaven in the name of Jesus. Thank you so much.
Free Children's Bible Songs
I am busy making a hymn book for our own King James bible believing church and needed a whole kids section, for teaching and not just fun. I play the piano myself so this was exactly what I wanted. THANKYOU SO SO SO MUCH for this!!! They will all be in our church book!
Free Children's Bible Songs
These are great resources for our children in their Wed. program. Thank you so much.
Mrs. Barb
Free Children's Bible Songs
I thank you sooo much for these songs, they also help me learn the Bible scriptures much easier, May God bless you and your family.
Free Children's Bible Songs
Great resources! I especially loved being able to download the songs - so hard to find acapella music. Thanks so much!
Free Children's Bible Songs
Thank you for this great resource!
Free Children's Bible Songs
I think this is awesome. I am glad people have put this on here. :)
Free Children's Bible Songs
We really enjoy the songs and the fact they are sung so we can know what the tune is. It's a blessing to our homeschool days.
Free Children's Bible Songs
Lessons provided here for kids are perthetic.
Elenoa Tuwai

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