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Creation Memory Pegs

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Creation Memory Pegs
I was asked to teach a religion class with only a weekly reader type aid to teach with. When I found your sight it was a blessing in disguise, now I have using information from your site as an assist.
Rita from New Mexico
Creation Memory Pegs
I discovered your website searching for Sunday School lessons for children but spent the entire day reading it for myself. What a blessing your website it and how greatly it will help me teach my small class of 6-10 year olds. Thanks so much and God Bless!
Creation Memory Pegs
I really like your website with useful bible lessons that helps me teaching my students in Sunday School. Thank you and God bless!
vaesavali steffany
Creation Memory Pegs
thank you so much for allowing me to use your website. most of my sunday school teachings lessons and tests I download them form this website. My sunday school children are now happy and looking forward to attend the following every sunday. We are Baptist Chursh Sunday school from Soshanguve, Pretoria.I have 68 children at my church.
Winnie Zwane
Creation Memory Pegs
Thank you so much. I had a children's bible class in my church. This site was so useful for me. Thanks again.
Eunsoon Oh
Creation Memory Pegs
I am so grateful for your devotion to children's knowledge of the Bible. Thanks for the free access to these wonderful stories & other links.
Creation Memory Pegs
i had started Sunday school last year and its going very well due to gods help to watch this sight.
Creation Memory Pegs
Hi.. I am so blessed that God lead me to your sites and gave me another chance to teach children.. I promise to use this materials for God's glory.. :)
Creation Memory Pegs
didn't have a clue where to begin with my 5 year old. I am eager to see the lords word manifest in my child one day. I now have a clue. May God bless the creator/creators of this site. Very user friendly. I just love the Memory pieces/coloring pages :-)!
Creation Memory Pegs
Im involved in the childrens ministry ages 3-5 years old and also in Awana. This is very interesting and eye-catching for kids to be attentive in the class. I will definitely use this, thank you for sharing it to us.
Mary Jane
Creation Memory Pegs
I am teaching my daugther and I am so impressed with the site you setup. Thank you so much. God Bless you.
Creation Memory Pegs
Thank you very much! God bless you!
In China church ,there are few sundayschool materials. when I found this web, it helpful for me and our sundayschool teachers!
Creation Memory Pegs
this is great 4 us teachers to help out children. I think we desire more
Creation Memory Pegs
I absolutely love this site. It is a great way to help a young teenager like myself teach the children and leaders of the future. God Bless you and all of those reaching out to help teach the word of God.
Jessica T.
Creation Memory Pegs
you totally failed to include day 7. It is also a part of creative week. You truly need to update this creation week lesson. How could you have forgotten day 7!
Creation Memory Pegs
You have a unique way of putting accross the gospel for children to grasp it fromm the beginning. I thank you for sharing this information with us teachers whose greatest desire is to help our students enjoy the bible and understanding the importance of God's Word in their lives. Again I thank you.
Creation Memory Pegs
you have some great lesson's and some fun ways to teach them
Creation Memory Pegs
My children and I Have enjoyed these lessons and I thank you so much. They have helped them learn the stories of the bible and enjoy learning them at the same time.
Sis. Vanessa Hill
Creation Memory Pegs
i print this bible story for my children, so that in this story may they know the value about the story of god.and thank you so much in your website...
Creation Memory Pegs
Thankyou so much for this website, I have a bible camp to teach(I am voluntary religion teacher)and instead of routinely reading, nice way of slideshow and printable memory sheets. God bless.
Maryann Lazurus

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