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Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs

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Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Hand Commands is no longer in print. The author has information on her website explaining the hand gestures.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Thank you for sharing all this. Teaching the kids the 10 commandments and you have made it so much easier to learn.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Thank you for this christian for children. It is scripturally sound, and so helpful with my sunday school children.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
This site really helped me!! I was having trouble understanding the ten commandments and now I know thanks to this his site. THANK YOU!
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Very cool! I am working on teaching the 10 commandments for my grand kids and writing about it at SandwichINK for other children as well. I was interested to read the comment about the order. I originally learned the 10 commandments at a Lutheran church school and it was divided the way the other writer mentioned. But I now go to an evangelical church where I was shocked to discover that there are two different ways of dividing up the 10 commandments. My current church uses the other way of divvying up the ten commandments and since my other grandkids also use that order, that's what I'm using for my close up grandkids. It's definitely interesting, isn't it. Thanks for a lovely blessing to others.
Kaye Swain
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Ok, This site is AMAZING! Thank you for all of this!
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
this helped a lot on my project, but the thing is the commandment number 4 should be honour your father and mother and the last commandment is wrong. but it's okay.

Some religious groups omit commandment 2 "You shall not make for yourselves an idol" and then divide commandment 10 "You shall not covet" into two parts and make two commandments out of it.

That's what you see in the picture at

There is a book that teaches the commandments the Lutheran/Catholic way. You can find it here:

Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Thank you so much for breaking this story down. I also teach 2 to 4 year olds and breaking it down like this is a great big help..Thanks again..
M. Smith
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Thank you! I'm about to use this in as simple a form as possible to teach LOVE to 4's & 5's!
S Davis
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Yes, #10 is a diffucult one to follow, especially in our capitalistic society. But it still applies... remember, Jesus commanded us to be IN the world and not OF it. Blessings!
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Good luck with the indoctrination. These should definitely help the kids not to question when they're older.

The tenth commandment, really? We live in a capatilist society; to partake in this, in itself, would be a grave sin. Sorries.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Good wil use it in my sunday school.av a phne as browser praying for comp we av more than 500 kids!may GOD use some of u for his work here in KENYA AFRICA.
Aloice ingozi,hope church nairobi
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Good wil use it in my sunday school.av a phne as browser praying for comp we av more than 500 kids!may GOD use some of u for his work here in KENYA AFRICA.
Aloice ingozi,hope church nairobi
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
With regards to the Catholics, it goes far beyond the ten commandments. They have added many practices and beliefs that God has clearly forbidden in His word. These heresies will not go unreproached. They have become an enormous cult throughout the entire world. Yet we realize that God still has the power to call anyone out of any religion or forest, it is by His wonderful grace that we are chosen and ordained to Glorify Him. He will bring His kingdom to fruition. Praise and Honor be unto God the Father and to the Holy Lamb who is Worthy for ever and every.
Alycejayne Jenning
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
I think if the the printable pages in PDF format, it will be easier for the user to download and print the worksheet anytime and anywhere. Its for the convenience for the user of this webpage specially for the sunday school teacher who preparing lesson for their classes.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Thanks for the resources!! To correct the mistatement about Catholics changing God's commandments, please compare Deut. 5:6-22 (also in Exodus) with the 10 commandments listed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (free on-line) and you will see they are EXACTLY the same and quotes the Bible. The difference is in numbering. Note that Luther's Catechism numbers the 10 Commandments the same as Catholics. Then, the question is when and who started changing the numbers? Hmmmm.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
WOW! Bonnie, it's a scary thing when people go about trying to change God's law! Not sure where the Catholics think they got that authority from. You might want to teach your children the commandments the way God wrote them with His own finger in stone.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
the thou shall not kill is good because murdering is bad and when you get caught you are throwing your life away
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Thank you for these pegs. I teach small children in children's church and they have really learned these. To be honest, it help me to remember them too, because I can remember what picture goes with each number. I searched and searched for something like this when I started teaching the 10 commandments b/c my small children couldn't read.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
PS from Bonnie:
I had to change the commandments a bit anyway because the Catholics number them differently. So, Commandment 4 is actually the 3rd one for Catholics.

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