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World War II Experiences

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World War II Experiences
World War II Experiences
LOVE it. I love WWII, the history, not all the suffering that they had to go through, but I have to say, if there is going to be a WWIII, wait until I'm long gone dead please!GO 101st airborne!!! they were the ones who really helped us win the war on Nazi Germany. if it weren't for them, we would be under rule (or dead) under the Axis Powers. PRAISE THE LORD! GOD LOVES US ALL. AMEN.
just someone who loves history!
World War II Experiences
My grandfather was 2nd batt 394th inf 99th div co.g also. But I haven't got him to talk about it too much.
World War II Experiences
good story. my great grandfather owned the land that was camp maxie. the government came in and just claimed it on day. his family fad about 3 days to up and move.
World War II Experiences
That was amazing !
World War II Experiences
it was very nice. i love history but till how much ever of websites i have visited about are quite long and boring which was making me hate history a bit .
World War II Experiences
wow, this story was truly touching, thank you so much for sharing your story. i used to think history was boring but after reading this experience, i'm starting to think otherwise. thank you so much!
Mandie Roberts
World War II Experiences
Thanks for y'all's site! I am a new homeschool mom and have found it so helpful!
And thanks for sharing your story. My grandad told stories about the war. He was a navigator in the Air Force--dropping supplies and sometimes bombs. It was interesting to get a different perspective.
World War II Experiences
Good on you mate. If it weren't for blokes like you we'd all be eating sushi today. Oh wait a sec, in Australia we are. Who won the war again?
World War II Experiences
What a fascinating story! Thank you so much for sharing your history.

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