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The Twelve Spies

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The Twelve Spies
Thank you this was excellent. I am well satisfied with the material you have available. I would also be happy if you have available color pages.
The Twelve Spies
Thank you for all the resources, so many of them on this single lesson.
The Twelve Spies
You’ll find a song to go with the 12 spies lesson (Joshua 2) here: randma/12-men-went-to-spy-on-canaan/
The Twelve Spies
I am so blessed to have found your site. I am a year old appointed leader to the Children's Ministry and your site has helped me a lot in making monthly lesson plannings. Though I am not using all of your materials but I am using your site as a reference and a guide to where I should direct my little kids into knowing the bible. Thank you so much for your heart to do such site. God bless you more
Vanessa Espinoza, from Jesus the Good Shepherd Int
The Twelve Spies
I absolutley lov love this website. It is so helpful. It makes teaching bible study so easy my children love the activties.. I still can't beleive its free. You guys are truly a blessing
Sharon R. KIng
The Twelve Spies
This site has help my childrens church with learning the bible stories and made easy for children to understand I am nnow on my 4th year of youth director and I continue to use this site when I get a new group of kids because it is universal for all children! Thanks and God Bless!
The Twelve Spies
I love this site! I teach Kids Club every Wednesday night at our church. A lot of the kids don't even know the basic bible stories. We have started with Genesis and are working our way through the bible using your site. Thank you so much, and the kids love the puzzles.
Jeanie (Texas)
The Twelve Spies
thanks our Lord! i can find this web-site for our chinese kids' church..our children missionary will be worked more effective and blessing!!
The Twelve Spies
This is a great site to go to. It is so very helpful
I am new at this and it gives me alot of creativity.
Praise God for all the effort Amen
The Twelve Spies
Hmm, Didn't God punish Moses and his people for:
1.I(not god) bring you water from the stone.
2.The hebrews made a golden calf to worship Baal as Moses descended Mt Sinai with the 10 commandments. (EXODUS 34:29)
God made them wander the desert for 40 yrs, so none of the violators would live long enough to see Canaan.
The Twelve Spies
I felt to look at the twoelve spies in my time with the Lord. You see I am well able like the report that caleb and Joshua reported.
Mrs Johnson (England)
The Twelve Spies
This website really help us a lot in our ministry.. it makes our lesson more unforgetable and meaningful. God Bless this you all...
The Twelve Spies
This is a one stop shop for every teacher or parent who is serious about their children,s spiritual knowledge and growth. God Bless you indeed and increase you.
The Twelve Spies
How wonderful to be able to use the internet to find such an awesome website. I teach kindergarten age children in the preschool dept. of my church. Your website is so helpful!
The Twelve Spies
God bless you and your reseach team real good; what a blessing this website has been and i never knew it. my children and teachers love send their appreciations.
pat peterside
The Twelve Spies
I just found this wonderful web site oh, what a blessing thank you for all you do God Bless
The Twelve Spies
I just came across your site this morning and I am very impressed with the work you are doing.
May God continue blessing you for all that you do.
The Twelve Spies
God bless you for the work you are doing. These lessons have been a Godsend to me as I prepare my Sunday School lessons.
The Twelve Spies
I ask God to guide my tongue when teaching my children about the bible. Thank you so much for this information. Thank God for people like you to help us help others learn about God and his importance.
Lawanda Irvine
The Twelve Spies
You are doing a great job. God bless you. I find this website very handy in preparing for my children sunday school lessons. Keep it up
Inem from Nigeria

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