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I have found all the bible slide shows for the Bible stories most helpful, used them for my bible teaching for kids. Has these slides been removed? How can I access them?
Thank you so much.
Ps Dr Ng Kok Moi
Praise The Lord, Glorify thy name. thank you Jesus, I thank God first and thanks him again for given this person knowledge to put those beautiful world of God in the websites, so for every one can view, what the wonderful thing his has down for us, I'm also pray for the team who creat the websites too, praise the Lord, Jesus chris our father, Thank you God for send your only son to save us, I'm love it in am in love with these website because it teach you so much about THE bible, and we never to old to learn. as we grow older we learn more. amen. thank you plenty to whe
it concern; God bless y'all
Thanks, I'm a Sunday school teacher and this kind of material comes is really useful, for people like me who is hard pressed for time, yet want to make it interesting for the kids

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