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David and Goliath

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David and Goliath
israelites saw goliath as an obstacle, while David saw him as an opportunity to outshine his enemies and become someone great. Do you see giant problem as an obstacle or as great opprtunity to be promoted? Your attitude matters and the choice is yours, but you cant do it without trustin GOD
David and Goliath
David And Goliath
by Ron Tranmer ©

From David and Goliath,
a bible time long gone,
we learn it matters not our size,
but just who’s side we’re on.

If we will face life’s battles
with the Father, and His Son,
we’ll not fall, but win them all.
Each and every one.

They’ll guide us and protect us,
and watch over us with pride.
Strong we’ll be, as our enemy’s flee
when God is on our side.
Ron Tranmer
David and Goliath
I was praying for inspiration for my holiday club lessons, then discovered these pages. Wonderful
David and Goliath
this was great help as im doing my home work. the page was so easy to follow, i had no troubles finding exactly what i needed. HERE I COME A
David and Goliath
very good help for my homework
David and Goliath
What a great help these pages are! thank you
David and Goliath
very nicely laid out, great information.

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