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The Creation

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The Creation
Milton, God loves everyone. No matter what you have done in the past, God will forgive you of any and everything, as long as you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and are baptized into Christ. What's done is done. Start now seeking God and Christ and a relationship with them.
The Creation
I have done awful things over the past and i wanted to know what could i do to go to heaven and what do i have to do so God can accept me.
The Creation
We are starting a Children's Church Service at our church on Sunday mornings. I've had the good fortune to be accepted as the teacher of it and I feel like this site will come in handy again and again. Thank you so much for the work you've done to create this site and allowing it to be free! God bless you!
The Creation
We are a homeschooling family and this site is wonderful. I just found it and can't seem to pull myself away at 2 am. I am so excited about starting the Bible lessons and activities. Thank you so much for all the hard work put into this. It's a blessing for our family.
The Creation
Im so grateful i found this site God is Good
The Creation
thanx very much this site is very useful
The Creation
This is a wonderful website! My sons and I enjoy using it every evening before bed. Thank you so much!!! I'm very excited about website.
The Creation
your mother
The Creation
This site is a very useful site for children, especially those who are looking to get more information about the Bible.
The Creation
hi i am jess i am 11 years old and are using this to do some homework thanks god for making our planet
The Creation
Hi,my name is Alexander I am 32,I am from Ukraine I study the bible, English and Philosophy,I thank you for this site it help me to study English and to know better about God the father.
The Creation
I am Joyce, from China. Thank God for helping his servants in designing this wonderful website,which helps me a lot in educating our children in Sunday school. I treasue this precious gift not only for children, but also for our adults.

with love,
The Creation
Hello, im from london and I am christian. My kids (Eve and Ella) use this website alot, id like to thank you for putting useful imformation which my kids are able to teach to others. May god bless you. You are an inspiration to all. Jesus Christ may shine light upon you. Mary
The Creation
hello, i'm from australia, and this is the best web site i have found in a long long time. I'm homeschooling with my two children. And this site could not have come in any earlier or later. I know God showed me the way here. God bless you and keep up the good work.
The Creation
I thank God so much for using you to simplify the message of the Bible, of the Gospel not just for kids but for us adults too! This is a wonderful resource and it is blessing me and helping me and the kids in my ministry of Sunday school. God bless you and increase you and uplift, inspire and encourage you in Him through our Lord Jesus Christ : )
The Creation
you deserve to be blessed.your site is great.may the lord richly bless you. i love it.
The Creation
The Lord surely has a way of working things out when it is His will. I prayed for a site that was free and informative that would give resources for a variety of ages in a small Wednesday night Bible class for children and He lead me to your site. I have never "taught" children other than my own and I am looking forward to the chance to do so with the help of your informative site. May God Bless you and your family. Thanks again! Agape love...
The Creation
Hi bro/sis praise JESUS!!! Im not from a Christian family and am worshipping GOD secretly without my parent's knowledge i dont have anyone to teach me BIBLE.But this website really is good and shortly i will study the whole BIBLE.Things get into mind when people read it as a story .. this whole site is potrayed in such a way..GOD bless you all!!!
The Creation
Thank you very much for preparing this webpage for us. I would say I am not a very resourceful person... but when I found your page, I could say that I am! Praise God!
The Creation
I praise the good Lord for helping you all to make this site possible. It is so nice, that I can help my kids to understand the Bible in there busy life. It will be very helpful in my Sunday School teaching as well. May God continue to bless you all.
Mariam Varghese

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