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Helen Keller

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Helen Keller
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!! But there's no author or date in this webpage so I couldn't complete my research bibliography because of that... :(
The Helen Keller biography was written in 2001 by Patsy Stevens, retired teacher. You can find all the information you need here:

Helen Keller
very helpful
Helen Keller
thanks it really helped me on my Helen Keller report but the person who made this put your name on it

You can find that information here:

Helen Keller
ths website dnt hav a date or an author!!!
Look here for that information:
Helen Keller
this is a great websit i keep goign here for more info i jus wish the person who made this page name was an date was up:(

You can find the information you need here:

Helen Keller
this page is great.thanks for indicating this informations
Helen Keller
i love this page!!<3 thank you for creating this cite. i needed information on helen keller, and this cite didnt hav too much information, or too little information.;)))
Helen Keller
I love this website, but I'm doing a project in language arts on Helen Keller, and I need to know the date it was created!! thanks, :-)
Claire Bergner

The Helen Keller biography was written in 2001. There is a list of the dates here:
Helen Keller
this cite is ok
Helen Keller
Thank you for taking the time to create this website. We found it very inspiring to read about Helen Keller's life and thought that the website was really useful and interesting. Your hard work has been very much appreciated.
Helen Keller
Wow, no offence, but this website kind of sucks. Who made this?? A ten year old? The choice of words is very childish, and whoever wrote this had their information all wrong.I mean "While she was in college she wrote her book called 'The Story of My Life'. With the money she earned from the book she was able to buy a house". Come on!! This sentence could have been written by a nine year old. "She was able to buy a house" Who cares if she bought a house. And you don't even say if it was a big house, a mansion, a small house, etc. Sorry,but I will never visit this website again.
This website was written for children and their teachers. You need to go elsewhere to get the information you require.
Helen Keller
wow..this site really helped including the citation favorite cite thanks for helping getting me an A on my paper(:......absoulutley the best website no doubt about it(: now if only this helped with everything(: thx's a lot
Helen Keller
Helen Keller
really useful site; thanks for putting this together :D
Helen Keller
i absolutly love this website (: its gonna help sooo much with my report
Helen Keller
thank you so very much for what you have put together here~ it is wonderful! God Bless You Mrs. Stevens!
Helen Keller
this is good,i hope this help with my project,thanks alot
Helen Keller
this page is really very good. i appreciate your effort. then too, i n my frnds felt that it was a bit missing. thank u.
Helen Keller
This has a lot of info but it needs more.
But it is better then i could have done....
Alice Lee White
Helen Keller
Hello!I am a Chinese.Come in your site just by chance.I am amazed by your site content and design.I want to say this is my most favorite website by now.It's saintly.For some reason,I pay Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan with great respect.And I also buil a website for Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller concentratedly.Love your work.

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