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Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs

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Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Our Lady of LaSalette admonished us for neglecting the Sabbath. For the 4th commandment peg, I covered the temple picture with a church, and rewrote the wording to:

Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy.

The Church is shown by the 4. Worship at Holy Mass
and then take a rest! Try to do little work on Sundays. The fourth commandment is the most ignored in our day. What better day is there to spend with your family?
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
May God bless you. I really appreciate you putting this on the internet and allowing me to print these cards for free. I have 5 small children that I will use these cards with. Thank you.
A. Hoskin
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
I teach Sunday school and just love this lesson you have provided!! thank you and God Bless!
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Wonderful.. thank you so very much! Our grandchldren are growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...
Patty Smith
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Thank you for the Ten Commandment posters! I was looking for a way for our Sunday School kids to learn and not forget the Ten Commandments, and think your posters will be very helpful! Thank you again!!
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
I am amazed at how hard it is to find teaching materials for children on the Ten Commandments. Thank You for providing this link!!!!I will be using it alot! I was just abt to give up & told the Lord that He was going to have to find it for me. Here u r! Thanks again!
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Tks a million! I will use the photos to teach the students in public school.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
I was just thinking about teaching my children the ten commandments and I thank you and God for this website. I will add it to my favorites and tell everyone I know about this site. I think we as a society need to go back to the basics and bring God back into education.
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
Thank you very much!
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
This page is a blessing and very exciting to me and the children I will teach! Also could you give me some advice on teaching ages3-5 and6-12
Its hard cause some there are pre teen girls and boysw who think the things tought are childish
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
I just happen to be searching the Ten Commandment for my children( I am the Children Church Instructor)age: 5 to 12) I really like this web site God continue to bless you and your Ministry
Ten Commandments, Memory Pegs
THANK YOU, for creating this site. I am new minister/sunday school teacher of our youth 9-12. I found out this past Sunday that they did not know the 10 Commandments. I did a search and your site was the 8th one I tried and I would all that I needed here. AMEN. The information and tools provided are simple and easy to relate to the children. I'm so excited about going to bible study tonight to teach this.

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