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Keys to a Successful Marriage

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Keys to a Successful Marriage
I was reading these articles after trying to explain to my daughters the essence of a good marriage and found that your sight was just right. So I have sent them the link with all my love. We have been married for forty five years and hope to see our fiftieth wedding anniversary.
Keys to a Successful Marriage
Thank you for sharing this.

I am going to not only apply the wisdom here for my own marriage (24 years strong!). but also will share this with my daughters.

How good it is when we line up our lives, hearts and minds with the Word. There definitely is safety under the shadow of His wings.
Keys to a Successful Marriage
Am happy for the teachings i have got from here. I and my Loving wife will follow and continue to a wonderful couple. God has given us His happiness.
Keys to a Successful Marriage
This sight was a port in the storm.
Keys to a Successful Marriage
Wife #1 was under threat of incest from her father, which I discovered 8 months after marriage. I had liked her because she was friendly. Wrong: desperate. She deserted after 21 months, taking 1yo daughter. She had been unfaithful for a month prior to desertion, later had another daughter via that man, then later again married him.

Wife #2 was very intelligent but difficult to please. After 11 years, she tricked me into taking a holiday on the other side of the country at her mother's house, then took out a (fake) violence restraining order agaist me, divorced me 16 months later, taking our 2 children (10yob, 8yog).

#2 has Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder plus Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (different to straight OCD) plus Agoraphobia. Proffesional slang terms "control freak" & "pain in the rear" (AKA "impossible to please"). Honesty is the first thig out the door. Symptoms include playing the victim (her nickname before meeting me was "the Martyr") & terror of intimacy, meaning that I never really got to know her but was blamed for every one of (her) failures.

Met a lass on line born one day after me. My youngest daughter has nearly identical names to her youngest's -- who is same age as my eldest. After one year I knew her better than enyone else I'd ever known.

She is _totally_ honest. It turns out that her ex-husband is also PAPD.

I flew across the planet to meet her. Each of us is now deeply, _confidently_ in love with the other.

We are eager to be married, but are _very_ reluctant to make another mistake.
Lion year of the Tiger
Keys to a Successful Marriage
Thank you so much for this. I know I read about this before but not quite applied certain stuffs...
Keys to a Successful Marriage
I am marriade for five years now and trusting God to make the next forty five, but i do believe i can bmke it without God, in this crisis only God can do it, without him we connot make it, so please pray for me and my family and may God continue to bless you all.
Viola luke
Keys to a Successful Marriage
Thank you so much for this. God bless you all!
Keys to a Successful Marriage
I will be married to my high school sweetheart for 15 years on 4/19/09.We acepted Christ in our life 3yrs after we was married and we have 5kids .Puttin the Lord 1St in the marriage ,communication and making time for each others is a must in having a sucessful marriage life.Often times, couples put kids 1st,forgetting their relationship came before all of that. They end up losing out on each other and growing apart.I would like to encourage married couples to go on a date once a week when u can. It keeps your love for each other burning. Have a good time and laugh it is so good for the soul. The devil will be mad, but the two of you will be glad with each other. Remember to always pray for one another,communicate, and set aside some time for each other. Also, be on one accord when it come to the kids. God has put us over our kids. It is both parents duty to raise the kids. To all the husband help your wife with the household chores sometimes. I promise you she will make you the best the wife, try not to nag at your husband so much. I promise you he will make you the best husband. Last point, allow each other space. The women need some her time and the husband need him some time. Ladies like to spend time shopping and the mens like to go fishing and hunting. I thank the lord for you all giving me a chance to tell my story.Dayton if you read this i want you to know that I thank you for loving christ,yourself, and loving me. I love you with all my heart. We are 34 yrs old. We start dating at 16. Married at 19 yr old. Reborn at 21 years old and still save . Thanks be to our lord and saviour Christ Jesus to God be the glory.
Jennifer Hunt
Keys to a Successful Marriage
Last December 25, my husband and I were married for 36 years. The keys are wonderful. However, for our marriage, hardly any of the "keys" were used before our marriage, during our marriage, and I beleive that only the hand of God can make this marriage what it should be. I have tried everything humanly possible and continue to pray. Please pray for us, our marriage, and our family. May God continue to bless you.
Miss Pickley

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