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The Creation

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The Creation
A worldly person would say I got lucky and found your website. But I don't believe in happenstance. My steps were ordered by the Lord. I truly thank God for you and the wonderful work you are doing. How I wish your site had been in existence when I was raising my children! But I certainly will make good use of it now as I prepare lessons for my Sunday School class. Thanks so much for your kind, generous spirit. May God richly bless you and speed you on (as I know He will). A wonderful starry crown awaits you on the other side!
The Creation
Thank you very much for this site. It's the Lord doings. God will bless you and meet you at the point of your needs, you will not miss your rewards in this world and in heaven. All the materials here will help me and guide me to be a good sunday school teacher. Thanks
Mrs. Adebomi Opeyemi Hannah
The Creation
i have actually learned alot from this site... it is more easier for me to understand it beacuse i have tried to read the bible itself but it was very hard for me to understand and most of the words are complicated for me but i have found this web by searching "bible for children" and i found this it is very amazing iam glad i found this beacuse the words are very clear and it explains everything perfectly iam a 19 years old and i find this very help full for me to learn about god and the bible every night i have a calendar that has a daily bible reading on it and i read it but it still dosent make sence to me i find it very hard i pray to God asking him to open my mind to understand and i try my best to understand the bible sooo right now i can understand the bible and teach my little sister and my brother as well i want them to be very strong and i want them to know God very well beacuse God is the most important person in our lifes without him in us we are nothing i just wanted to thank you guys so much and the creator of this website thanks once moreeeee :D
The Creation
God deserve to be praised all the time, he brought in existence intelligent loving people to guide one onother.I am interested to teach kids but i had no idea as to how to do it perfectly but through these site i am gonna be a good teacher to my sunday school church
Veronicca Ratau - SA (Bloodriver)
The Creation
Thank you for having this site. God has guided me here for a quick lesson for my grandkids. I had to come up with something in 2 hours and you had it. I hope to start a weekly Bible study with them and I am sure I will return to this site. Please pray for me that I will be guiding them the way God wants me to. This is a first for me teaching..and its my family. God Bless

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