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Bible Stories

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Bible Stories
praise jesus. pls pray 4 me and my family
G. mariyal
Bible Stories
Hi, I believe in God and all the stories in the bible expect I don't know all the stories in the bible and I need to learn them for a RE homework so if anyone is nice enough to tell me 15 I'd be truly grateful. Thank You,
Bible Stories
My friend, you believe in the Quran, probably with all your heart. So do we believe in our Christian faith and the Holy Bible. Before it is too late, I implore you to research the Holy Bible and compare it with the Quran with prayer and thanksgiving. Christians believe if you do not accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, then you are denying God. Even your Quran tells you that belief in God is a must and Jesus Christ and God are one in the same.
God is love and with that I pray that God will show you the only path you can go for salvation.
ms. carolyn
Bible Stories
Do you have New Testament Bible Stories in English, in small book form such as a meal for many?
Ann Jordan
Bible Stories
my brothers and sister in christianity please open your eyes to the truth god almighty does not need to begot a son for the human salvation jesus was sent as a messenger and he is not responsible nor has any power to give u salvation only god almighty has that power prey to god directly and ask him to guide you he will show you the right path if you are sincere on the day of judgment god will ask you did jesus tell you that he is god or the son of god and you come to find all your hard work and belief has gone to waste then it will be too late to rectify your mistake. Please refer to the Quran verse 19 (Mary) for the truth

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