In February when we present the Patriotic Program, we also have Presidents Day. Each student chooses a different president for his/her report. A poster is made which includes the report, a freehand drawing of the president made by the student, and other visuals to make an interesting poster. On the appointed day each one comes to school dressed as the president or the wife of the chosen president. After chapel, we have a short program where the children go to the mike and tell who they represent, and some interesting facts about the presidents.

Presidents, front row, left to right:
Benjamin Harris, Zachary Taylor, Jimmy Carter

Back row:
John Adams, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln,
Richard Nixon, and John Tyler

First Ladies, front row:
Bess Truman, Edith Wilson, Jacqueline Kennedy,
Nancy Reagan, "Dolley" Madison, and Barbara Bush

Back row:
Martha Jefferson Randolph, (daughter of Thomas Jefferson),
Edith Roosevelt, wife of Teddy Roosevelt,
Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, and
Emily Donelson, wife of Andrew Jackson's nephew.

Listen to the children sing the song.

George Washington

This song by Janeen Brady is from Brite Music Co. in a book called Take Your Hat Off When the Flag Goes By. There is also an accompanying tape.
These can be ordered from

Brite Music Company

(To hear the music you will need RealAudio)

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