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The Child Jesus

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The Child Jesus
This is such a blessing! Thank you so much for your hard work and desire to bless others with what you have received.
The Child Jesus
Really God take care of me via the kind of you, Thanks our Lord Jesus !
Djoko Hartono-Indonesia
The Child Jesus
Thank the lord for helpfull people like you who takes the time to explain our bible stories in a easy visual & audio way.It helps explain it to my 8,9,14 year old kids in a very easy way..and at times to my husband and I.. may God BLESS YOU.. (San Diego CA.)
The Child Jesus
I love this websight. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to it. I use it every Sunday for Sunday School. God Bless!!
Mary, Hamlet, Nc
The Child Jesus
These stories are beautifully written. But remember Mary was NOT married to Joseph when she conceived and bear Jesus. This is an important fact to His virgin birth and His Heavenly father and His work He did here on earth.
I thought I made that clear in this story that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was conceived. See also the story of Mary in the section about Women of the Bible

The Child Jesus
Praise God for your dedication to share His Glory through this site. I love it~! It really helps me great deal that i can print the materials and use it with the inner city children at Detroit. Thank you and glory to Him.
The Child Jesus
this is my favorite website for sunday school information. it is easy to navigate and has wonderful ideas and lessons.
brenda e., medford, ny.
The Child Jesus
very well narrated i personally love this website bravo!
nash lesirima

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