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The Baptism of Jesus

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The Baptism of Jesus
who painted this art?

I do not know who the artist was. The painting was a part of this series of paintings:

The Baptism of Jesus
lovely sight I love it
The Baptism of Jesus
I need all Christ like followers to bow down to God now for me to part this earth
The Baptism of Jesus
when was your last update?
I update the website daily.

The Baptism of Jesus
I really like this site, it offers so much information and activites. It's awesome! I teach ages 9-12 and they really enjoy the lessons. Thank you
Angelina W
The Baptism of Jesus
What rubbish is in this site?
The Baptism of Jesus
My daughter has asked me when can see get baptized. I googled for informaion and I found your website. Ilove this website cause it has lessons tests and even games. and honestly it saves me from putting together a whole lesson for every bible story I want her to learn. Be blessed and thank the Lord for this site.
Yohani M.
The Baptism of Jesus
It is such a blessing to have acsess to this childens learning bible. I just wished you had something for toddlers (2-6).
jance kelley

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