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Song of Jonah and the Big Fish

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Song of Jonah and the Big Fish
I teach Childrens Sunday School 1-2 times a month. I have been teaching them 4 lessons at a time to keep their attention. The full time teacher asked me to teach and I have taught all the lessons in the book for Winter. I Really appreaciate you providing this website to download as I think God has his hand in it and he will provide. I went on the internet looking for free lessons and I found yours. I appreciate and love you for providing Gods word. It is the truth and should be taught to our children. God will never fail. He is the Way, Truth, and the life. Our children should have that hammered in their little heads, as they will never forget it as they travel their paths through life. This will make an impact on Generations to come, if God does not come soon.
Cindy Eller-Vaughn

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