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Sarah Wife of Abraham

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Sarah, Wife of Abraham
Please, could you add the audio in "The women in the Bible"?

Thank you very much!
María José González Sánchez
Sarah, Wife of Abraham
What a precious story it confirms my faith in God's promise ." Noting is impossible with God". My God knows my heart desire to praise His Holy name!. Thank for Garden of praise.&@5'
Sarah, Wife of Abraham
Hello Mrs. Stevens,
What a pleasure to the good news on net! Really sometimes for some reason It's not easy at all for some of us to read the Bible regularly. Anyway I love reading about the life of these two great people in the Bible. I learn two things very important about them. I'll start with Abraham who in fact because of him I'am what i'am. The Bible calls him the father of all nations, we're blessed through him being the father of our faith. Abraham was so obedient to God that he still believed in him for a son then went ahead to exercise his faith by offering him for a sacrifice. Wow that's great faith one can ever think of! Sarah on the other hand really loved her husband to an extent of wishing him to have a son with another woman. I mean, where would you find that? Yes from a Biblical point of view It's wrong but I hope someone understands what I'm trying to say. I'm sure Abraham simply did sleep with Hagar because he had total assurance form his wife that indeed she was in agreement with him. Love does not envy but I think hers was exceptional. Sarah had total trust, faith, love and respect for her husband. How many Sarahs are out there?
God bless you big.
Sarah, Wife of Abraham
So when the Lords says that she will be mother of nations does this maker higher arch over Virgin Mary? Just curious since Virgin Mary is so idolized. (very interesting).
I am Christian which I understand Lord Jesus is one to be praised.
Sarah, Wife of Abraham
I love this websites it is realling teaching me alot and i know i have done foolishness and bad stuffs over the past and i hope God will forgive .
Sarah, Wife of Abraham
I was looking for an answer from the Lord about Sarah Abraham's wife because someone prayed for me saying I will have the spiit of Sarah and that the Lord will bless me abundantly . Thank you for your comment about Sarah obeying God when He speaks.When He promises you something even if your no longer young in your age. God can do anything!
Madelyn Battle

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