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Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart
I am a ten-year-old girl and this helped a lot for my writing project. Thanks.
Amelia Earhart
I had to do a project and the video about Amelia is outstanding! Thank You! And God bless Amelia wherever she is!!!
Amelia Earhart
Thanks for the info! I Have To Do A Project On Famous Aviators So I Chose Amelia Since Shes Such An Amazing Person! <33
Amelia Earhart
thank jooooo sooo much i am 11 and i am doing a project also thxz this help me alot no just to do the written part of the essay :( pooooooo lol byez :) <3
Amelia Earhart
i am 16 years old and doing a project on amelia earhart thanks for the infromation
Amelia Earhart
i am a 10 year old girl and i am doing a project in school i have to choose a famous person to act as i chose Amelia Earhart and hearing all the facts made me in love with her contact me if you disagree or agree
Amelia Earhart
I am a homeschooling mother from California and my daughter is in second grade. We found this biography about Amelia Earhart to be extremely informative and well put together. I particularly like the corresponding worksheets that you have included with it. Thank you for taking the time to prepare this lesson and especially for allowing it to be FREE, which is extremely helpful to people like myself.
Amelia Earhart
This website was very helpful to me. I am in 6th grade and I am doing a research project. This site was about the only one I could find that stated Amelia Earhart's family. Thank You! :]
Amelia Earhart
I'm in 10th Grade, this website did not help, you should really consider posting who is responsible for the picture at the top of the page. I had to find a new picture because I was unable to create my citation without the name of the person who drew or took the picture of Amelia Earhart.
Webmaster's note: If you had scrolled down to the bottom of the page you would have seen the words "Picture courtesy of Wikipedia" with a link to the page.

Amelia Earhart
im a sixth grade :) from philippines xD im reaserching about amelia from 2 years!! Its so *** hard.....
william fung
Amelia Earhart
I am in Ninth grade and barley knew anything about Amelia Earhart, and I had to do a research project on her. This website helped me so much. Thank you so much!
Amelia Earhart
i am in the 5th grade doing a report about her and this really is the website i need to look at to get some information. :) *******
:) :D :P
Amelia Earhart
well i am in the sixth grade and im doing a report on amelia earhart and shes actully a pretty chick and this is the place to find info on the yooung butiful young women
Amelia Earhart
i would really like to meet amelia Earhart!!! She seemed very brave and not affraid to do anything to accomplish her dreams:)))i love shawn!!!!
Amelia Earhart
i would LOVE to make friends with ameila, she's like my number one hero. including to be my role model :) i wanna grow up to be JUST like her.
Jake Anderson
Amelia Earhart
This chick rocks i want to be her!! I think she is still alive!!! let's go find her!!!!
McKenzie Allison
Amelia Earhart
Check out book, Amelia Earhart Remembered to find more facts about what happened to her and see the stamps from the Marshall Islands.
Amelia Earhart
who was the publisher
Look here and you should find all the information you need.
Amelia Earhart
who wrote this information about amelia earhart. I need to know the author's name.
To find that information copy and paste this in the url box at the top of your screen
I think you will find everything you need.

Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart died in 1937 and was born July 24th, 1897!

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