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Gospel Train - The Life of Christ

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Gospel Train - The Life of Christ
I love the idea of this, but it seems strange to me that the cross is under the feast of Tabernacles rather than Passover...??
Gospel Train - The Life of Christ
I first discovered the Gospel Train while I was a graduate student in Bible and my wife attended one of Robbie's classes. I struggled with the chronology of the life of Christ as a "serious" student who had no time for "children's stuff." Foolish me! My wife was patient, taught me the train and I've been using it in churches for over 40 years! Later I met Johnie at a Preacher's Luncheon and he shared the "zip codes" with us. God bless them both!
John McKeel
Gospel Train - The Life of Christ
I have just found and saved these learning tools. They look very user friendly and I look forward to working with my family. God bless you and magnify your efforts for His kingdom.
Gospel Train - The Life of Christ
Thank you Patty for putting Robbie's Gopel Train on e-mail. It's as wonderful as it was the first time we sat in class and she taught us how to use it. Robbie you are a blessing to all and especially me. Thank you so much for everything!
Y'Vonne Butler
Gospel Train - The Life of Christ
Robbie your droodles and maps are super!
God bless your good work on them thru the years!
Thanks for putting them on
Many people will be blessed and God will be glorified. Thousands, maybe millions, will love God more as they use your great materials.
I know, I have been blessed working with you
and sharing your beautiful maps and droodles!
Lots of love
P.S. Give our love to Jack and the gang!
Johnie Luker (co-author)
johnie and ginger luker

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