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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus
This website really helped me learn about cristopher columbus.....I Had to study about him because I Was going to write about thanks... it really helped me....thank you once more
Christopher Columbus
Thanky ou for helping me
Christopher Columbus
This site realy helped me more understand what Christopher Columbus did then i did befor so i thank you
Tyler Daniel
Christopher Columbus
Thanks, this is a great site. Very helpful and interesting.
Christopher Columbus
i did not find wat i was lokking for but i did find some usefull info. ty for telling the truth on wat he wanted to do not that he was wanting to prove the world was not round.
Christopher Columbus
Hello Mrs.Stevens. I am your student and this website really helped me!
Meghan Cunningham
Christopher Columbus
Very helpful for my paper. It was easy to read and kid friendly. I learned alot. Thanks alot.
Sidney Crosby
Christopher Columbus
It was very impressive. Much larger than other sites. I like how you tell the truth of how he did not sail to prove the wold was round, bout only for fame and fortune!Thanks for telling it how it is!
Mickey Mouse

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