The Bell family 1885

Bell was an associate of Gardiner Greene Hubbard, and that's how he met his beautiful daughter, Mabel. At the age of five Mabel had scarlet fever and lost her hearing. She, of course, had learned to talk, but as the years went on, her speech became harder for people to understand. Alexander became her tutor to help her learn to speak more clearly. She was sixteen years old at the time.

Within a year Alexander had fallen in love with her and asked for permission to court her. He was twenty-eight years old and her parents did not approve. He wrote letters to her, but she said she didn't love him. She finally agreed to be courted by him.

When she was eighteen she said she would marry him. Alexander was so surprised. He said he felt as if it were only a dream, and he would wake up to find it was not real.

After their wedding they visited Niagara Falls and then made a trip to England. People had heard of the telephone and everyone including Queen Victoria herself wanted to see a demonstration.

They stayed in Europe for a year and there their first daughter, Elsie May, was born.

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Bell and family

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The Bell Family

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Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

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