Workers with a circular kite

From the time he was a child Bell had dreamed of a flying machine. For safety reasons his plan was to start out making kites - very big kites. When he had made a kite large enough to lift a man off the ground, then he would add a motor.

He had all sizes and shapes of kites; square ones, round ones, even star-shaped kites. His neighbors thought it all a lot of foolishness; a grown man out flying kites all day.

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Alexander Melville
Bell and family

Bell's school
for the deaf

Bell and Mr. Watson

A.G.Bell 1876

The Bell Family

Bell speaking
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The Bell estate

Bell's granddaughters

circular kite

tetrahedral kite

Bell's notes

Aerial Experiment

The Silver Dart

Front View
Silver Dart


Bell and sheep

Bell and Elsie
May Bell Grosvenor

Bell's HD4

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Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada

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