Pemberton Avenue school for the deaf

Alexander Graham Bell once wrote, "recognition of my work for and interest in the education of the deaf has always been more pleasing to me than even recognition of my work with the telephone."

Bell taught at several schools for the deaf. In the picture above you can see him on the far right on the top row.

When the parents of Helen Keller were looking for help for their young deaf and blind daughter, they contacted Alexander Graham Bell. He arranged for Anne Sullivan to be her teacher. Helen and Mr. Bell became lifelong friends. When she wrote her autobiography Story of My Life she dedicated the book to him.

Work a Jigsaw Puzzle

Alexander Melville
Bell and family

Bell's school
for the deaf

Bell and Mr. Watson

A.G.Bell 1876

The Bell Family

Bell speaking
on a telephone

The Bell estate

Bell's granddaughters

circular kite

tetrahedral kite

Bell's notes

Aerial Experiment

The Silver Dart

Front View
Silver Dart


Bell and sheep

Bell and Elsie
May Bell Grosvenor

Bell's HD4

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Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada

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