Beinn Bhreagh Bell estate

The Bell estate is located in Nova Scotia. He called it Beinn Bhreagh (pronounced ban vreeah) which means "beautiful mountain" in Gaelic. Their home which looked like a castle had 37 rooms. The Bells would spend thirty-six years here, dividing their time between Washington D.C. and Canada. Bell had become a U.S. citizen, but he loved Canada. The land around Baddeck was very similar to his native Scotland. In fact the word Nova Scotia means "New Scotland". Many Scottish people live there.

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Alexander Melville
Bell and family

Bell's school
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Bell and Mr. Watson

A.G.Bell 1876

The Bell Family

Bell speaking
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The Bell estate

Bell's granddaughters

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Bell's notes

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The Silver Dart

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Silver Dart


Bell and sheep

Bell and Elsie
May Bell Grosvenor

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Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

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