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Christopher Columbus
thank you for making this
Cesar Chavez
I'm working on this for a project, it is so helpful and long. ENDLESS information all around. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Free Children's Bible Songs
Praise The Lord beloved sister in Christ.God bless you and your family richly.Its really Great bible story songs for kids.Thank to God.Keep it up your Great work.God continuesly bless all your great work you do for him.Take care.
Alexanderia Jesus
The information is invaluable as an introduction to Galileo. Thank you.
Deborah Sampson
I'm doing a biography on her and I am in fifth grade. This helped a lot! Thanks!
anonymous person guy
Ludwig van Beethoven
This has helped me with my writing peice for school! Thanks!!:)
Gospel Train - The Life of Christ
I love the idea of this, but it seems strange to me that the cross is under the feast of Tabernacles rather than Passover...??
Hope by George Frederick Watts
I have the good fortune of owning this picture, it's not an oil painting.
My picture is done in a darker color. I would like to know which one was first introduced.
Clemmie Middleton
Pharisees and Sadducees
The Pharisees are the ancestors of the Jewish rabbis of today. They created the Talmud as a guide for those Jewish people who did not believe Jesus/Yeshua is the Messiah. The Edomites were descendants of Esau. They were definitely NOT Canaanites. They were forcibly converted to Judaism by a Maccabean/Hasmonean King. Herod the Great became King after he married into the dynasty of the Hasmoneans or Maccabees. He was very political. He and his descendants were pro-Roman and by Jewish law (at that time) Jewish.
J. Gage
Helen Keller
nice article keep it
Wilma Rudolph
This was a very helpful page! thank you for making it.
Cassy :3
Marie Curie
Wow. You guys are SO helpful for essays and papers
Matthew Henson
This bio of Henson needs updating and correcting. He never "earned" a Harvard degree although he was awarded honorary degrees elsewhere. His "credentials" did not impress Peary. Skills, yet, but credentials, no. An admirable person, no doubt, but recognition was reluctantly given him, due in large part to racial attitudes of his time.
Deirdre Stam
The V7 Chord
Wow this is great. I have been looking for something all over the internet just to find out what a V7 chord is. Thanks so much!!!
Martin Luther King Jr.
I enjoyed this article so much! There are many other things to look up here too! Very intelligent woever made this website!
Carter Stacy
Albert Einstein
Wow, Garden of Praise is a wonderful website! I suggest this website to every one doing an essay!
Marie Curie
So good! Thank you for free usage!
The Creation
Thank you for creating this site. May the Lord bless your generous spirit. Children from low income families I am teaching will benefit from this site’s treasures! -Ruth S.
Gospel Train - The Life of Christ
I first discovered the Gospel Train while I was a graduate student in Bible and my wife attended one of Robbie's classes. I struggled with the chronology of the life of Christ as a "serious" student who had no time for "children's stuff." Foolish me! My wife was patient, taught me the train and I've been using it in churches for over 40 years! Later I met Johnie at a Preacher's Luncheon and he shared the "zip codes" with us. God bless them both!
John McKeel
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart would have created a video game of his fantasy if he were alive today you said. How would he have paid for the production of the video and how would he have paid to promote it. The Habsburg Monarchy was great for paying composers. Who are the wealthy that pay composers today ? Please advise.

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