February 14, 2010

Very exciting things are happening at Garden of Praise! With the help of some wonderful friends we have been able to translate the Bible stories into Amharic and Spanish.

The stories in Amharic were translated by our friend in Ethiopia, Solomon Hagos who works as junior deputy director at a high school in Addis Abba.
He is a family man with a wife and two daughters.

The Spanish translations are by Omar Acevedo, a college student in Puerto Rico who is a friend of my granddaughter Veronica.

Guess the Words is an activity modeled after the Hangman game. Blanks are presented and the student works to find the correct letters to spell the word. The different categories include People, Bible, Geography, Science, Math, Art, and Time.

Teachers and parents, you could let your students do some brainstorming about possible words in a particular category, or you may want to teach the words ahead of time and let the activity be a review. Here's a bit of information you may or may not want to share with your students; when you are on a particular activity you can see the lists of words used in that category by doing a "View Page Source".

Hexagon Game Piece

Logic is a new activity page for students. The page features a discussion about logic and unfamiliar terms are defined in a dictionary at the bottom of the page. My son Elton is hosting the logic games on his website Songs of Praise

We have two new biographies for your students.

Madam C.J. Walker was an entrepreneur in the early 1900's. She developed hair products and cosmetics for African-American women and became one of the richest women in the United States at that time. She was an inspiration to many women at that time and still is today.

Ernest Hemingway was a brilliant author and novelist. One of his best-known works is The Old Man and the Sea. He led a sad life which ended tragically.

This month I am sharing my Crockpot Vegetable Beef Soup recipe with you. Hot soup is so comforting on cold winter days. On the recipe page you can find other ideas for How to Feed Your Family for Less.

One of our members has asked for suggestions for teaching 5 year olds in Bible class and another has asked for suggestions for beginning a tutoring business. If you can help them, post your ideas on the community page. When you get to your profile page you will see blue tabs. You will be able to post comments which will be public, or you can contact members directly by email if they have selected that option. You can add pictures (see the "instructions" for doing this). You can find friends, view your classes, or view the results of tests you have given. Over 1600 people have signed up to use the online tests.

We would encourage you to add your picture to your profile to make our community a friendly place to visit.

We at Garden of Praise stand ready to help you.

Your friend in education,
Patsy Stevens

Contact Mrs. Stevens by email.

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