March 29, 2011

Two new biographies have been added at Garden of Praise and Aaron has added some new guitar lessons this month.

The biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart tells about his life and work. Plus a short lesson about musical keyboard instruments of the time is included.

Sadako Sasaki was a small child when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. She survived at the time, but later developed leukemia as a result of the radiation from the bomb. This is her story and how she made 1000 paper cranes which according to the legend would make her wish come true. About half the lesson is devoted to the events leading up to the catastrophe, and the latter part of the lesson addresses the problems Japan is having today as a result of the earthquake damage.

Aaron Schulman has written additional guitar lessons which teach some new chords and finger scale exercises.

A Personal Note:

Murray sleeps a lot. It is helpful to me because I can get some work done while he is asleep. He celebrated his 88th birthday recently. We had an enjoyable dinner here for our children and grandchildren. Our azaleas have been exceptionally lovely this spring and I wanted to share them with you.

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