August 17, 2013

It's almost time for school to start and we have been getting Garden of Praise ready. Dead links on a site really bother me and I try to keep all links up to date. I have hand-checked all the links on the biography pages, and as of July 11, 2013 there were no dead links. Please contact me if you find any.

After a study of the life of Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, I have written a biography of her life for your students to study.

Margaret Thatcher served three terms as Prime Minister, successfully combining a career with marriage and motherhood. Politically she was a Conservative and worked for less government interference in the lives of the citizens. She believed people should accept personal responsibility and do what they could to care for their own needs. Her policies caused her to be highly respected by some, and detested by others. Because of her strong stand on issues she was known as "The Iron Lady".

If you need ideas for school bulletin boards visit Halls, Walls, and Bulletin Boards. Here you will finds ideas for bulletin boards for Kindergarten - 5th grade classrooms as well as a few bulletin boards for the Spanish classroom and the Accelerated Reader program.

When you visit Garden of Praise and get to your profile page you will see blue tabs. You will be able to post comments which will be public, or you can contact members directly by email if they have selected that option. You can add pictures (see the "instructions" for doing this). You can find friends, view your classes, or view the results of tests you have given. Over 11,000 people have registered.

As a registered member your students will be able to take the online tests which will be computer graded. Then the grades will be recorded for you and you can retrieve and record them if you like We would encourage you to add your picture to your profile to make our community a friendly place to visit.

We at Garden of Praise stand ready to help you.

Your friend in education,
Patsy Stevens

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